Getting involved in global development

Written by Mel Dunn

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Opportunity/Approach/Success Factors

Opportunities for involvement exist across a whole spectrum of activities, from short-term review/assessment activities in Australia, to short-term offshore assignments for individuals or teams, to long-term offshore assignments for individuals or teams, to overall project management which might include technical inputs as well as sub-contracting of activities.

Organisations such as The Development Executive Group ( are a valuable resource for individuals and firms to identify opportunities, individuals and potential partners. This Group provides a range of free information and support services to individuals and companies, including project information updates, a weekly development newsletter and employment opportunities inrepparttar development sector.

An immediate key success factor isrepparttar 132150 consideration of which level of involvement for a particular opportunity is likely to deliverrepparttar 132151 best result withrepparttar 132152 minimum of risk – forrepparttar 132153 organisation,repparttar 132154 client,repparttar 132155 stakeholders andrepparttar 132156 recipients of support.

Many ofrepparttar 132157 larger activities, such as programs, facilities and sector-wide approaches, often have sub-components that will be let out – meaningrepparttar 132158 overall project managing firm could be ineligible to performrepparttar 132159 services within a sub-component. The key principles to securing sub-component involvement is often identical to that required to securerepparttar 132160 overall project, as there will be a call for tender usingrepparttar 132161 same or very similar process to that used byrepparttar 132162 funding agency.

Consequently, all levels of involvement inrepparttar 132163 development arena are likely at some point to require interested organisations/individuals to participate in a competitive tendering round. This is oftenrepparttar 132164 case regardless ofrepparttar 132165 size ofrepparttar 132166 resultant budget.

Reality Check - Tendering efficiency and effectiveness remains critical.

Tendering skills alone, while critical, are notrepparttar 132167 sole success factor – in fact tendering well inrepparttar 132168 absence of other key activities/initiatives may prove insufficient. Key considerations for success, in addition to compiling a winning tender include:

•Havingrepparttar 132169 winning product –repparttar 132170 team,repparttar 132171 approach,repparttar 132172 methodology, andrepparttar 132173 response torepparttar 132174 requirements of a tender •Ensuring advance positioning – research, preparation, resources •Maintaining adequate promotion – oftenrepparttar 132175 key here is relationships, and certainly past achievements •Being inrepparttar 132176 right place – knowingrepparttar 132177 clients and stakeholders and having an international presence •Offeringrepparttar 132178 right price – must be competitive and offering value for money.

The tender response is oftenrepparttar 132179 most challenging aspect (apart from implementation of course), addressed by ensuring appropriate preparation and analysis is conducted in advance. The tendering timeframe usually falls within a 4 – 8 week period and generally responses would be required to address key criteria includingrepparttar 132180 team, approach and methodology, management, and price.

Reality Check - Preparation must commence prior torepparttar 132181 public call for tender if a realistic chance of success is to be expected.

These thoughts are by no means exhaustive, though they do cover some core principles relevant to successful business development and tendering approaches.

Mel Dunn is Managing Director of Global Business and Development Solutions ( ), which works with individuals and organisations that are committed to business success and the success of others.

“How To Tell If Someone You Meet In An Online Profile Or Advert Is Married/Partnered Or A Troll" Article 3 of 5

Written by Murray Hughes

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- call them when they aren’t expecting it. Who answered, are they angry, are they whispering, are they being secretive, whose voice was it onrepparttar answering machine?

- try to find their number in a phone book.

- ask some ofrepparttar 132148 other people you have chatted with at your dating site if they know anything. Keep it polite and ‘oh, byrepparttar 132149 way’ sorepparttar 132150 message doesn’t get back you have been checking up on their facts.

2.No Sepia-Toned Photos Please

The biggest reason for telling lies in online dating is, easily, to deceive someone about your physical appearance.

Its common for people to use old photos from a more atractive time in their life.

Old photos are pretty easy to spot. Look for: - color and image qualities ofrepparttar 132151 photo, - hair styles, - facial hair styles, - clothing styles, - background images like old advertising or logos - apparent age in photo compared to written age in profile.

Of course if there is no photo you can’t tell. I would say never bother contacting anyone who doesn’t have a photo.

Surveys have shown that 80% of people agree with me.

And, unlessrepparttar 132152 dater has only been online dating for a week or so, don’t tolerate any excuses like: - no camera, - no scanner, - haven’t got around to it yet.

Please! If this person is serious about finding a relationship, they can easily get off their pants and spend 10 bucks on getting a photo scanned or having one taken.

I could go on but once again we’ve run out of room. Inrepparttar 132153 next article in this series you will learn about what I callrepparttar 132154 'Perpetually Unavailable Syndrome' and what to do when it occurs.

Until then,

Your Truly, Adam Coole

To read the rest of this exciting series visit Gay and Lesbian Online Dating SECRETSTM and subscribe now. “How to easily find your Perfect-Partner online.”

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