Getting free viral traffic using automated visitor referral systems

Written by Benjamin Choi

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There is no shortage of such services; but they all cleverly include a banner ad as part ofrepparttar form built for you. Having seen many such services, I have made one which DOES NOT force you to put an unwanted ad on your page!

Enter TechnoSoft21 ViralTraffic,repparttar 134282 all-new free service which provides a form-builder and a form processing script to anyone who needs it. All you need to do is head torepparttar 134283 site, fill out a form which generatesrepparttar 134284 code for you, then copy and pasterepparttar 134285 code into your own website. When you view your site, you will see that it DOES NOT have a banner ad or any other ad on it! You will be ready to getrepparttar 134286 tidal wave of traffic to your site! To get started, just go to

P.S. If for some reason or another you don't want to use TechnoSoft21 ViralTraffic, you will probably have to construct your own form processing script in FrontPage WebBots, PHP, CGI, Perl, C, AppleScript, Python or another language. It's tough work, but it's fun. If you're game enough... go for it!

Benjamin Choi is the CEO and chief programmer in TechnoSoft21, a software company. Its website is at

A Little Mistake That Is Costing Businesses Millions Of Dollars Per Year

Written by Paul E. Burke

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Are you curious to know why so many business people make this fatal mistake? The answer is so simple that it might shock you:

They overestimaterepparttar amount of work a customer will do to come back to them.

Here's a fact. Most customers choose to takerepparttar 134281 path of least resistance. Think about your own psychology for a minute. Do you run all over town like a madman or madwoman to "find" a company again? If you're like most people, you can't be bothered with that. Rather, you takerepparttar 134282 more convenient way and order fromrepparttar 134283 company that is right in front of you.

So, how do you curerepparttar 134284 "I gave my customer to my competitor" disease? The answer is desktop marketing icons that ensure customers have easy, one-click access to your site. Going back to our example, here is how a desktop icon could help you retain your customer:

1. Customer comes to your web site.

2. Customer purchases Ron Popeil's Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. You ring up a $100 sale.

3. You place with permission an icon on your customer's desktop featuring your company logo.

4. Time passes and your customer wants to purchase another Ronco Showtime Rotisserie.

5. Customer takesrepparttar 134285 path of least resistance, clicks on your desktop icon, and is immediately taken to your web site.

6. Bingo! You ring up another $100 sale.

7. Your competitors get nothing and are left to fend for themselves -- exactlyrepparttar 134286 way you want it!

---------------------- The One Point I Hope You Take Away ----------------------

If I can leave you with one point it is simply this:

.... Don't make this embarrassing mistake!

Do NOT score a goal for your competitors. If you have been accidentally committing this crime against your business then arrest your mistake right now!

The bullet proof way to ensure your prospects and customers return to YOUR site so YOU makerepparttar 134287 sale is to use desktop marketing. You can find out more about how desktop marketing can increase your sales and help you keep your customers at:

Paul E. Burke is President of See You Again Software LLC, and the leading pioneer of innovative desktop marketing software that leverages the power of the Windows desktop to increase traffic, sales, and branding for online businesses. You can e-mail him at or visit

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