Getting a Google Page Rank 3 in Six Months

Written by Geraldine Jensen

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Within about 3 months, my sites were listed on Google, Ask Jeeves, Excite and several others whenrepparttar exact website name was entered--- a big step forward. I still had made only a few sales and noone had found my sites by usingrepparttar 131616 search engines. I decided to focus my attention on only one site,, because it wasrepparttar 131617 only site that had any sales andrepparttar 131618 profit margin was highest on that site.

I began to experiment with advertising. I opened Overture, Google Adwords , Mamma, and Kanoodle accounts. I signed up for Adsense. I bought ezine ads, and visitors from Traffic Taxi, did a popunder ad and newsletter ad with I signed up with companies that pay people to visit your site, I tried an adblast---all with little or no results. I found and bought ads forrepparttar 131619 software site inrepparttar 131620 newsletter. Finally, I began to make some sales..

But to stay in business long-term and to reduce advertising costs, I needed to be able to make sales based on search engine results. I bought some site submission software which I now sell and began to submit my sites page by page. I also signed up with Microsoft and began to optimize my website pages.

Now, after six months, one of my sites has a great Google page rank. ranks 3. Website traffic is about a 2,000 hits/week. I have high hopes for 2005! I have learned a lot inrepparttar 131621 past six months especially about search engine submission, optimization, directories, and links. See for Reseller Tips.

Geraldine Jensen is the owner of several ecommerce websites. She is the publisher and editor of http;//, which was chosen as Hotsite by USA Today in October 2004 due to it diverse opinions and good content. She was Webmaster for a nonprofit organization for 10 years. Her newest project is Today's Family Forum.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization You Can Do

Written by J. Ratliff

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If you have not checked out this software, I highly reccomend it. Internet Business Promoter(IBP) for short. I use it everyday, not only for my websites, but also for any SEO work I do.

It does costs around $200, but it is worth every penny plus some.

Save money and do your own SEO work.

J. Ratliff is a webmaster, part time SEO guru, and affiliate guru. He has achieved certified SEO status from ExpertExam.

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