Getting Your Price On eBay While Keeping Your Fees Down

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

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This technique can be especially successful when you have an item that a buyer isn't consciously looking for, but would be interested in buying. Let's say you've acquired a nice illustrated catalog of William Hoosier kitchen cabinets form 1917. The obvious place to list it is in Books>Catalogs where it will attract quite a bit of attention. But, by also listing it in Antiques>Furniture>Cabinets>Armoires, Cupboards>Post 1900 you are able to put it in front of many bidders who would have an interest in it, but wouldn't be actively looking for it.

This can be a very effective technique because it greatly increasesrepparttar chances that your catalog will be found by more potential buyers. However, your catalog still won't be protected, and there are some items that don't have cross-category appeal.

Using a low opening bid withrepparttar 148271 option of a price revision

This technique keeps your listing fees low and also offers some price protection for your item. Here's how it works.

Start your auction at a low opening bid and be sure to monitor it daily. If it starts getting bids from several buyers you don't need to do anything. However, if several days go by and it just sits there without a bid, you simply reviserepparttar 148272 opening bid to an amount more in line with what you need forrepparttar 148273 item.

This effectively returns you torepparttar 148274 first tactic we discussed, but you will have avoided givingrepparttar 148275 item away; while atrepparttar 148276 same time given it a chance to attract attention.

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5 Rules You Must Follow If You Are Going To Profitably Drop Ship On

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

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4. Purchase a small supply of each item you sell to keep on hand for emergencies. While drop shipping may eliminate a lot ofrepparttar headaches of selling on eBay, it adds a new one torepparttar 148270 mix. There are going to be occasions whenrepparttar 148271 drop shipper doesn't haverepparttar 148272 item you've sold in stock for immediate shipment. When this happens, and it will, you can ship one ofrepparttar 148273 items you have in your possession sorepparttar 148274 buyer doesn't have to wait. The negative impact of not shipping an item immediately reflects on you and notrepparttar 148275 drop shipper.

5. Takerepparttar 148276 time to find a reputable local drop shipper. The popularity of drop shipping has attracted a lot of people who are just out to take advantage of you intorepparttar 148277 marketplace. Avoid drop shipping lists, turnkey eBay drop shipping programs, and drop shipping membership sites likerepparttar 148278 plague.

Rather, spendrepparttar 148279 time needed to locate a company reasonably locale to you that will allow you to sell their products on eBay and drop ship them for you. You'll have less competition, higher profit margins, and a much higher chance of succeeding. While drop shipping is a tough business model to succeed in, if you follow these five rules and believe you will succeed, you will have a much better chance to build a profitable eBay business forrepparttar 148280 long term.

Robbin K. Tungett is online marketing and eBay veteran of 8 years. She is most widely known for her eBay expertise and her website Learn more about dropshipping at

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