Getting The Most From Your Existing Customers

Written by Dan Brown

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One ofrepparttar keys is to choose a product or service that COMPLIMENTS what you already do. Whatever your product or service is, think through what your customer is likely to buy based upon purchasing your product.

If you sell shoes, someone is going to sell them socks and it might as well be you. Not only will you increase your revenue but you will encounter less sales resistance and show your customers that you are thinking of them.

Another method is to choose a product or service that CONTRASTS what you sell now. If you normally sell a business related product come back at them with a personal product. Why should they NOT buy it from you? You have proven yourself as honest and dependable; now cash in on that hard work.


One final word. Your customers decided to trust you when they bought what you sell. Capitalize on those good feelings and ask them for their feedback on what you have in mind. This is by farrepparttar 117175 most powerful, yet virtually free, market research available inrepparttar 117176 land. Use it wisely and your EXISTING CUSTOMERS will tell you both what they want to buy and when they want to buy it.

All you have to do then is step up, fillrepparttar 117177 need, and go torepparttar 117178 bank.

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Planning a website to market your home based business part2

Written by Kathy Joyce

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Don't use large graphics for navigation buttons as it makesrepparttar page slow to download. Rollover buttons can look good but make sure thatrepparttar 117174 graphics are optimised first so that they are as small as possible.

Debabblizer is great for optimising images and supports many different file types.

If you don't know how to create rollover buttons they are very simple and just require two small images both of which arerepparttar 117175 same size. Make sure that both graphics are inrepparttar 117176 same directory and name them image1.gif and image2.gif

Here is a tutorial that you may find useful, it shows you how to build rollover buttons using javascript. You don't need any knowledge of programing.

A good graphics program which is inexpensive and capable of doing lots of things with graphics is Paint Shop Pro. Download it from here at just $99 and get $75 free software You can create images using it's advanced drawing tools or import your own.

Also if you use graphics make sure that you use alt tags with descriptions. this is a good idea as ifrepparttar 117177 buttons take a few seconds to downloadrepparttar 117178 alt tag will appear first. It's also good forrepparttar 117179 visually impaired.

If you use plain text links in your navigation bar instead of just givingrepparttar 117180 page name e.g. "blue widgets", make it more interesting encouraging visitors to click onrepparttar 117181 link. e.g. "For an outstanding, hard wearing blue widget click here"

Logo Design a logo for your site. This will appear atrepparttar 117182 top of every page in your site. Keep it simple and make sure thatrepparttar 117183 image doesn't take more than a couple of seconds to download. Design it on paper first and then create it using a graphics program.

Building a website isn't difficult. Knowing what your site is about, carefull planning,(maybe some basic knowledge of HTML) and some software is really all you need. There are also many tutorials and articles onrepparttar 117184 internet which can help.

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