Getting The Most From Traffic Exchanges

Written by Brian Pratt

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1. Joinrepparttar big ones. You will get your page to a wider audience if you do

2. Join manual surf exchanges. Your page is more likely to be read.

3. Find one with a surf ratio of 2:1 or better. What this means is that for every 2 pages you surf your site is viewed once.

4. Join one where you get credit (clicks/money) forrepparttar 145097 activity of those you have referred. This allows you to generate lots of free traffic as you refer more and more people

5. Join one thatís been around for a while. Your going to put a lot of work into growing your client base here, if they have been in business for a while (more than 2 years) they have a better chance of lastingrepparttar 145098 next two.

6. Join as a free member first, until you understand enough aboutrepparttar 145099 program to decide ifrepparttar 145100 paid benefits are worth your while.

7. Join two programs (but no more) to begin with. This way you can allocate some of your traffic to promoting each exchange torepparttar 145101 others customer base. In this way you will grow your down line andrepparttar 145102 amount of traffic you get for free.

8. Join at least one which allowsrepparttar 145103 surfer to chooserepparttar 145104 pages they view by selecting an ad associated withrepparttar 145105 page. This will give you a valuable insight torepparttar 145106 effectiveness of you ad copy. Trafficswarm is run this way.

9. Take advantage of your surfing time. Take note ofrepparttar 145107 pages you view andrepparttar 145108 reasons that that made it attractive or not to you.

10. The pages you select to promote must convey their message at a glance and ideally should contain a free offer (Ebook, Ezine sign up). Your objective should be to encouragerepparttar 145109 surfer to find out more, setting up a future sale

With this information you will getrepparttar 145110 more visitors and customers to your website. Over time you Traffic Exchange program will feed itself to provide free traffic forever.

Hereís to your success!

Brian Pratt is a 46 year old New Zealander. He owns a Plug-In Profit Site at You can contact Brian at

7 Easy Tips On How To Improve Your Website Sales Letter Instantly

Written by Evelyn Lim

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5. Userepparttar checkmark or a bulleted point against each benefit ofrepparttar 145096 product or service that you are selling. You want to have as long a list as possible! And present features of your product or service as benefits or solutions to your prospectís problems.

6. Include P.S., P.S.S. and P.S.S.S. atrepparttar 145097 foot of your sales letter. It has been shown that many busy website visitors do not haverepparttar 145098 time to read your entire sales copy. They are likely to scroll torepparttar 145099 bottom of your sales letter to check outrepparttar 145100 conclusion, summary and how much your product is selling for. As such, in your concluding paragraph, including post scripts is a good idea. Here, you can summariserepparttar 145101 main points of what you are selling, repeat your bonus offers and once again, your call for action.

7. Include your contact information prominently. The feeling of security is important to prospects who do not know or have met you. If they do not feel secure, they are not likely to do business with you. Including your contact information helps in that they know that you are reachable, that you are a REAL person and you are running a genuine business.

Evelyn Lim is the publisher of the very popular newsletter Mapping You to Success. Her FREE newsletter is jam packed with resources, tips and ideas for the aspiring e-business owners. To subscribe, please visit or her blog at .

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