Getting Started with Visual Studio.Net

Written by Balaji

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Visual Studio.Net 2003 now has some ofrepparttar advanced features such as integration with .Net Compact Framework, support for latest web services, and integration with Enterprise Instrumentation Framework. The integration with .Net Compact Framework allows you to develop and deploy applications for smart devices. Visual Studio.Net 2003 supports some ofrepparttar 133454 most advanced web services such as WS-Routing, WS-Security, WS-Attachments, and Direct Internet Message Encapsulation. Similarly,repparttar 133455 integration of Enterprise Instrumentation Framework with Visual Studio.Net 2003 allows you to monitorrepparttar 133456 application while you run it.

Allrepparttar 133457 features mentioned above are available in allrepparttar 133458 editions of Visual Studio.Net. Forrepparttar 133459 integration of Enterprise Instrumentation Framework, you have to download it from MSDN.

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The Globalcom Story

Written by Rajesh Chirunomula

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Globalcom is looking for partners.

Globalcom is a switched carrier currently with 80+ million minutes a month concentrated onrepparttar Middle Eastern, Asian, Eastern European and Mexican markets. Our main point of presence is in Los Angeles, CA; however we can connect worldwide via VoIP. For more information about Globalcom please visit

Globalcom is looking for high quality carriers than can offer both A to Z termination, or niche market termination focusing on emerging and recently privatized markets. For 4 years Globalcom has grown from 2 people to 42; from 1 switch to 6 switches; from wholesale carrier sales to corporate telecommunication products and from a few markets to terminating to every corner ofrepparttar 133453 globe.

Globalcom is currently looking to expand withrepparttar 133454 right partners, because this is simplyrepparttar 133455 right time. We are bringing quality back torepparttar 133456 forefront of telecommunication, and we are looking forrepparttar 133457 right carrier partners to purchase minutes from to continue growing in 2005.

Rajesh Chirunomula

GLOBALCOM 110 W 40th ST, 508 A NEW YORK, NY 10018 T: 800.501.4036 T: 646.775.7601 F: 646.619.4492 GSM: 646.796.4511 EMAIL:

It's our mission to be the primary connection to emerging markets worldwide. We've designed a unique and comprehensive suite of advanced voice, data and IP services to meet the international communications needs of our customers.

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