Getting Started with ASP.NET Web Matrix

Written by Balaji

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ASP.NET Web Matrix allows you to add online components to your web applications. The biggest disadvantage of ASP.NET Web Matrix isrepparttar absence of IntelliSense, which makes writingrepparttar 133457 code a little tough. ASP.NET Web Matrix, like Visual Studio.Net, supports multiple languages such as VB, C#, and J#. ASP.NET Web Matrix also supports both FTP-based and file-based workspaces. Workspaces are saved across sessions for allowing you to quickly work on your application. This allows developers to easily organize and edit their ASP.NET applications. They just have to double-clickrepparttar 133458 file withinrepparttar 133459 workspace tree to open it for editing.

ASP.NET Web Matrix provides a built-in access torepparttar 133460 ASP.NET community right from within its IDE. This allows you to browse through community web sites and searchrepparttar 133461 ASP.NET Forums and Newsgroups, in case you need help. ASP.NET Web Matrix Project allows you to easily develop ASP.NET database applications because it has built-in support for Microsoft SQL Server and MSDE.

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NextWest, Inc. to Exhibit NextWest PCXi and NextContact IP-based Communications Solutions at Upcoming INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO Fall 2004

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