Getting Started in an Affiliate Program

Written by Brenda Pagel

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You haverepparttar commute to and from work. How many hours do we all spend in traffic every day, getting to and from work? Way too many!

When you become an affiliate with ANY company, they already have a program set up for you and all you have to do is, join. And you get to work fromrepparttar 102433 comfort of your home.


Check it out. It can be a lot of fun. Put your talents to work for YOURSELF!

Here’s to your success,

Brenda Pagel

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Increase Sum in Your Check Account with Follow-Ups

Written by Janice Chiang

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Most ofrepparttar paid autoresponder gives unlimited follow-ups which isrepparttar 102432 key point to follow-ups and sales conversion.

After you’ve foundrepparttar 102433 best autoresponder for you or you could followrepparttar 102434 link inrepparttar 102435 resource box below to find out some of repparttar 102436 *good quality* autoresponder that I recommends.

You can now start thinking about organizing your follow-up emails.

Here are some of ideas to help you sort out your articles in order:

1. Send all articles and e-books belong to one affiliate program together

2. If that particular program provides both articles and e-books, interchange them.

I.e. Send one emails withrepparttar 102437 articles, send another emails withrepparttar 102438 thank you notes and a link for your prospects/subscribers to downloadrepparttar 102439 e-books.

3. Unless you are sending a series of articles, e.g. Part 1 to part 5 of Effective Ways of Promoting Your Affiliate Products, sendrepparttar 102440 emails every 3-5 days, but never longer than 7 weeks.

You don’t want your prospectsto forget who you are.

4. Always send a welcome email to your prospects to introduce yourself and askrepparttar 102441 prospects to email you back. A good technique is to ask open questions to your prospects. Open questions allow your prospects to tell you more about him/her instead of yes/no answer.

5. Always provide an easy way for people to unsubscribe themselves from your list. Your autoresponder should do this job for you quite easy and fast.


If you are buying or using free email lists is sure to double check withrepparttar 102442 list providersrepparttar 102443 sources of their leads.

You don’t want to end up with a lot of spamming warning!

Reminder: To build relationship isrepparttar 102444 key element to bear in mind when following-up with your prospects.

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