Getting Ready to Sell Your Property

Written by Motiva Group

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6. Caulk around tubs and sinks. New caulk invariably looks better than old caulk, and you'll also prevent leaks.

7. Replace bulbs that don't work and use as much wattage as is appropriate for each fixture, usually I use 100watt bulbs everywhere. Bright lights make homes seem, well…….Brighter! 8. If there are outdated tiles in kitchen and bath areas make sure and paint them with an appropriate color…here are some ofrepparttar colors I would recommend….high gloss white. It will amaze yourepparttar 138836 change this simple fix can have on a sixties type of bathroom.

9. Replace some old bathroom fixtures with a bar light aboverepparttar 138837 mirror or medicine cabinet.

10. People have allergies and if there are sign of a pet make sure to get rid of them before showingrepparttar 138838 home, eg: pet doors.

11. Homes in a given location and price range battle for a common pool of buyers. Make sure that you dorepparttar 138839 things that will set your house apart fromrepparttar 138840 rest. A key factor in this is offering some assistance with financing whether in a second mortgage or offering your mortgage to be assumed.

Good luck and Happy Investing

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A Bag of Ice is a Bar of Gold: Assessing True Value in an Online Business

Written by David Moore

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Successful entrepreneurs encourage, inspire, and make themselves available to their clients, to their downline, to their peers, to anyone who needs their help. Almost everyone has heard how Sam Walton used to walk through his warehouse on a daily basis and talk to packagers, forklift drivers, and other warehouse workers. That’s because he saw value in everyone and he wanted them to know he appreciated their work. The business leaders who are successful respectrepparttar dignity of every human being created by God. They find time to respond to people individually when they are beginning their business. Asrepparttar 138797 business grows and it becomes impossible to respond personally they devise a system that ensures everyone receives from them on a regular basis words of encouragement and inspiration.

They know that to a person struggling to figure things out a bag of ice can become a bar of gold. I really believe a person can possess a tremendous understanding ofrepparttar 138798 internet, utilizerepparttar 138799 most sophisticated software, and function withrepparttar 138800 most up-to-date technology and remain largely unsuccessful and unfulfilled if they lackrepparttar 138801 element of human touch. When we handed ice and water torepparttar 138802 victims ofrepparttar 138803 Florida hurricanes we could have just setrepparttar 138804 items onrepparttar 138805 ground and had people pick them up. But we knew it wasn’trepparttar 138806 ice and water that they needed most. It wasrepparttar 138807 human touch that came with it. Inrepparttar 138808 same way, we can present our product or service to people who show interest and say, “here it is. Go figure out how to get it or how to make it work for you.” Or we can applyrepparttar 138809 human touch and provide timely advice and words of encouragement and inspiration. When we give of ourselves in this way we cannot help but receive for ourselves. And our own success, in addition torepparttar 138810 financial security we seek, becomes meaningful in countless other ways that cannot be measured.

David Moore is a member of the Wealth Online Website system. He is a home based online business entrepreneur and teaches at a University (part-time). He has completed post graduate programs in both Cross Cultural Communications and Higher Education Administration. If you would like more information on his online business, please visit his website at:

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