Getting Pumped!

Written by Mary Wilkey

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Talk about a day full of pumping! Is it any wonder we're "wired" today?

I don't care who you are or what you're doing now. And it matters not if you are lame, blind, an amputee, or whatever, YOU CAN MAKE OF YOUR LIFE ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE! DO YOU HEAR ME OUT THERE??????? ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE!!!!!!!! We have a smorgasbord here in America— and onrepparttar Internet—and in many other countries. We have been blessed abundantly—all of us here in America especially—if you have life, you have hope.

We are all about helping people to realizerepparttar 124058 potential that's lying dormant in each and every one of us. We are about teaching, coaching, motivating, inspiring, mentoring, and sharing whatever we have with whoever is teachable, coachable, motivatable, inspirable, and mentorable (are there such words?).

Noticerepparttar 124059 qualification in all that. We are NOT interested in helping anyone who is not UPBEAT. We don't want to have to pull anyone up out of their boots every day. That's not what we're about.

We are looking for people who have vision, motivation, andrepparttar 124060 drive and desire to better themselves and to succeed at whatever they envision doing. Your goal can be anything from achieving career objectives to freedom from debt to enhancing your lifestyle, or any ofrepparttar 124061 myriad possibilities in between. Whatever your goals are, everyone's dream is to haverepparttar 124062 freedom to achieve them.

We would like to changerepparttar 124063 world one person at a time and help that person to dorepparttar 124064 same, kind of like one big chain of love and inspiration. My husband is a talker and a "people" person. I am more reserved and quiet, more content to talk and write online. He knows nothing about computers or being online and has no interest in it.

So if you have any ideas to share, or if you want to run something by us, or if you have just anything at all you'd like to discuss, just email me, and we'll go from there and try to help all we can.

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M.B.A. - The Three Factors of Success

Written by Anita Foley

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Without Belief, you may as well forget about doing whatever you’ve set out to do. As soon as you DON’T think you can achieve something, you will not achieve it. Remember another old saying, “you experience what you believe, unless you believe you won’t, in which case you don’t, which means you did!” We’ve all been toldrepparttar mind is a powerful thing. Do not doubtrepparttar 124057 validity of that statement. If you focus your mind on believing you can accomplish something, your mind will believe you!

Withrepparttar 124058 strong adherents of Motivation and Belief as partners, Action,repparttar 124059 remainder ofrepparttar 124060 trio, falls into place. Naturally, if you are motivated about your dream and believe you can accomplish it, you will be anxious to take action. Would there be a more logical next step than to answerrepparttar 124061 door when opportunity knocks? You will be ready to take action, even if it means taking risks. The benefits of taking action far outweighrepparttar 124062 risks when you are motivated and you believe. I am, once again, reminded of an old saying, “In life, as in basketball, you miss 100% ofrepparttar 124063 shots you don’t take.”

So, dream big, my friend. Open your spirit to a new abundance and you will be motivated to pursue that dream. Then, believe that you can achieve your goal, and take action! And remember what my Granny said about good things coming in 3’s!

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