Getting Out of the Rut... Initiating and Managing Change

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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To resolve this situation, write down all ofrepparttar different objectives you have in your life. Make them action phrases like "writing a book" or "driving acrossrepparttar 124091 country." Makerepparttar 124092 list as long or as short as you like.

Once you're done, next to each item, writerepparttar 124093 specific fulfillment to be achieved next to each item. Make each word an adjective or each phrase descriptive of something tangible. For instance, "writing a book" might provide "fame and fortune" while "driving acrossrepparttar 124094 country" might provide "freedom." Once you've finished classifying your objectives, you'll find that most of them duplicaterepparttar 124095 fulfillment achieved and others have no reason at all. This is where a lot of people run into a problem! You have a million things to do, no time to do any of them, and your inner need is to feelrepparttar 124096 fulfillment.

To resolve this, grouprepparttar 124097 items in separate lists byrepparttar 124098 fulfillment you describe and eliminate those items that have no reason. From each new list, figure outrepparttar 124099 tasks that will give yourepparttar 124100 greatest feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. From this final list, you have your primary objectives to accomplish---all others are secondary and should not be focused upon until you've finished your primary objectives.

* Your Mission, Vision, and Goals Once you've figure out your primary objectives, you must now figure out how to get there. This is not an easy task and it might take a few days to cut throughrepparttar 124101 fog that has settled in your mind.

The Vision is a view of things inrepparttar 124102 future---where you see yourself. It isrepparttar 124103 tangible item that you chase to feelrepparttar 124104 fulfillment you seek. Realize that your Vision will change many times over your life, but each redefinition gives you a clearer view of where you want to go based on your growth.

The Mission is a statement that defines what you will do to reach your Vision---the action that you perform to reach your Vision. As your Vision changes, so must your Mission because your direction will change as well.

Goals are important in that they add direction and purpose to life. They definerepparttar 124105 intermediate steps involved in accomplishing your Mission. These are selected items from your objectives that must be achieved to buildrepparttar 124106 path of your Mission. As each Goal is accomplished, you are that much closer to your Vision.

--- Executingrepparttar 124107 Plan ---

Once you've defined your Goals, you can begin defining and executing your plan of action. For each Goal, you must definerepparttar 124108 steps required to reach them. For instance, one of my past Visions was to "work at home as a writer." My Mission was to do "technical writing and work in other writing arenas to enhance my talent and my exposure." Some of my Goals to reachrepparttar 124109 initial Vision were:

- Locate three writing contracts. - Work to generate income for six months of unemployment. - Locate insurance. - Quit day job.

For each Goal, I defined a set of smaller steps or actions that helped me accomplishrepparttar 124110 Goal. For instance, my plan of action for "Locate three writing contracts" was:

- Assemble my writing samples. - Rebuild Web site to advertise my work. - Rewrite resume to reflect direction for software documentation. - Talk to local recruiters about opportunities. - Visit sites for telecommuting opportunities on a weekly basis. - ...

Obviously, you must be careful when defining your Goals and plan of action so that you performrepparttar 124111 steps inrepparttar 124112 proper order. If you define your steps in such a way that you end up in a deadlock, then your entire plan is useless. Make sure that you organize your Goals and your plan of action such that each step builds onrepparttar 124113 previous.

--- What's next? ---

Don't feel that this process is over after you do itrepparttar 124114 first time. Realize that you will grow as you accomplish your Goals toward your Vision. As you grow, your Vision will change and so must you change your Mission and Goals.

This is an iterative process that forces you to reevaluate your direction as you accomplish each Goal in your path. Not only will this reevaluation and reassessment of your direction help you stay out ofrepparttar 124115 consistent geometric shapes that put you in a rut, but it will keep your life moving forward to greater fulfillment inrepparttar 124116 things that really make a difference for you.

Edward B. Toupin is a freelance consultant, writer, and published author living in Las Vegas. With 10 years of experience, Edward provides quality Web site design, development, and marketing as well as writing, document design and planning, and e-book publishing services. You can visit his Web site at or contact him at

Use the Power of Affirmations to Enhance Your Life!

Written by Edward Green

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I Persistently Act and Move Toward My Goals. I'm Positive and Prosperous-Minded. I Feel Self-Confidence and Control. I Control My Mind and Body at All Times. I Create Powerful Visions, Devise Fun Ways to Eliminate Overwhelm, Overcome Procrastination, and Do Whatever is Necessary to Get Everything Done.

My Will, Self-Esteem and Spontaneity Get Better and Better Every Day. I Love Challenges and Learn from Every Situation in My Life. I Use My Time Efficiently. It's Fun and Easy to Take Action Toward My Goals.

Each Day I Draw-in More and More Spiral Energy, Vibrate with Energy, Enjoy Life, and Radiate Health and Happiness. I Feel Strong, Excited, Passionate, and Powerful.

I Contribute torepparttar World in a Meaningful Way and I'm Paid Back a Thousand-fold. I Manage My Money and All My Other Resources Wisely. I Radiate Warmth and Friendship to All. My Happiness Comes from Within. I Release My Past and Welcomerepparttar 124090 Present. I'm Healing All My Emotional Wounds and Moving Toward Greater Peace and Happiness Every Day. I Give and Receive Love.

I Have a Wonderful, Fulfilling Relationship with God. I Can Trustrepparttar 124091 Guidance ofrepparttar 124092 Holy Spirit. I Feel My Connection to God in Everything I Do. God Guides My Life. God is My Strength. God Gives Meaning to My World. I Surrender My Life to God.

Of course, you'll want to tailorrepparttar 124093 final paragraph to reflect your own religious preference, but I think you could use allrepparttar 124094 other affirmations almost verbatim if you wanted... or just use them to 'springboard' from.

My very best wishes for your success with them!

Edward Green is president of TM&A Creative Marketing Inc. and long time Jay Abraham Protege´. You'll want to visit his website, GREEN'S GALAXY [] to get Insiders' Marketing/Sales/Persuasion Tips, and more. FREE Success Tools Able to Enhance Your Business and Your Life!

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