"Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone!"

Written by Wes Blaylock

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The comfort zone can happen at any time as well. I experience it allrepparttar time actually. And this is what holds most people back from starting a new venture, or progressing inrepparttar 101974 one they are already in.

Torepparttar 101975 average person, "change" is threatening. Why change when you aren't suffering right now? Too get to where you REALLY want to be, that's why.

Have you ever met a single mom who is struggling to feed her kids? Ever notice how she is always busy and seems to never stop? It is because she has no comfort zone.

Struggling single moms who love their kids actually possessrepparttar 101976 discipline and spirit that CEOs strive for. This is because they know that if they stop, their kids might not eat. There is nothing "comfortable" about that, so they strive on and make great things happen.

For CEOs, if they stop, then their competition will pass them up.

Why do people who grow up poor succeed allrepparttar 101977 time? It is because they have a burning desire to achieve a comfort zone, because they have never had one.

So what can you do to make it out of your own comfort zone and make great things happen? Change isrepparttar 101978 key. Change your schedule, how you operate, what you do at certain times, how you work on certain projects, etc..

Make some changes, jump out of your comfort zone and go get what you want!

See you atrepparttar 101979 bank, Wes Blaylock

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Written by Rinatta Paries

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If you feel as if you are being hurt, unjustly accused, if you feel angry, feel as if you want to lash out, remove yourself fromrepparttar situation temporarily, but immediately. This means put on your shoes and coat and walk outrepparttar 101973 door. Go for a long walk. Go shopping. Go to a movie. Go have a cup of coffee. Go sit in your car and call a friend. Do something that feels good and removes you fromrepparttar 101974 situation.

5. Once things are calm, don't ignore what happened.

Don't let sleeping dogs lie. In other words, once you have peace back, don't walk around on eggshells in order to prevent triggering another overreaction. Don't avoid talking about what happened in an open, honest, non-hurtful way.

Initiate a conversation to better understand what happened. Start with something like, "You had a very strong response to our last conversation."

Then, if your partner seems open, ask questions such as: * What were you feeling? * What did I remind you of? * What didrepparttar 101975 situation remind you of?

Listen to everything your partner has to say. Remember compassion. Do not defend yourself, or negate anything your partner is saying. This is not about you.

6. At a later point, continuerepparttar 101976 discussion.

At a later point, discuss with your partner how you are similar and different fromrepparttar 101977 person who originally caused him or her pain. Clarify what you meant byrepparttar 101978 words that triggeredrepparttar 101979 overreaction. Discuss ways to deal with overreaction inrepparttar 101980 future, perhaps some key phrases you can say to each other to stop overreaction.

If you can followrepparttar 101981 above guidelines, you will find yourself in an intimate relationship with fewer fights and overreactions and much more closeness, intimacy and trust. You can userepparttar 101982 same process in any relationship, business or personal, withrepparttar 101983 same trust-building benefit.

Handling overreactions in others or in yourself is hard work, and you may find yourself wishing you had help. If this isrepparttar 101984 case, I am available to help, in both a one-time coaching session format or for ongoing coaching. For more info on how you can get help, go to http://www.whatittakes.com/Coaching/coachingservices.html

Wishing you an overreaction-free week!

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries www.WhatItTakes.com

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Having coined the phrase "relationship coach," Master Certified Coach Rinatta Paries works with singles to help them attract their ideal relationship, and helps couples create more love and fulfillment in their existing relationships. Visit her web site at www.WhatItTakes.com or e-mail her at coach@WhatItTakes.com.

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