Getting Organized For The New Year - Part 1

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

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6. Set up a mail system. Use different colored folders to categorizerepparttar mail you receive. For example, Red - you need to act on (write a letter, make a telephone call, etc.); Gray - for your information; Yellow - meetings, upcoming events; Green - minutes of other meetings, newsletters, reports, etc.; Black - flyers, advertising materials. Remember stamprepparttar 117670 date received on all mail, and follow up as quickly as possible, if necessary. This system can be modified for those companies that do not receive a large volume of mail. This system will help staff members set up work priorities.

7. Make up a reading folder. Read or browse this material during lunch, breaks, during slow or off hours. Make up files with specific categories for those articles you want to keep as a reference. Check on these periodically (every 3 months) to see ifrepparttar 117671 information is still up to date.

8. To cut down on filing and paper costs. Set up a chron filing system. A chron file contains any correspondence you have generated for a specific period of time. They are usually made up on a monthly basis. For example, label a file January Chron, and place any correspondence you generated for that month inrepparttar 117672 file. For most offices, this system avoids having to make up client files with one piece of paper in them. However, some offices keep an additional copy inrepparttar 117673 client file. Do this only if you have to.

Part 2 of this article will discuss what you will need to implement this system.

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Guidelines For Choosing A Guru, Coach Or Mentor

Written by Chuck & Sue DeFiore

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11. If your Guru, Coach or Mentor provides material for you, be sure you understand where and how it can be used in your business. Get it in writing. Don't depend upon verbal representations as to its use. You want to be sure that any material, particularly contracts, can be used in all facets of your business. Ifrepparttar material can't be used in all facets, what arerepparttar 117669 restrictions? Can you live with them? How this material can be used, may well influence what you are willing to pay. If you can, try to arrange to examinerepparttar 117670 material included before you make a final decision. You want to avoid material that is more fluff than substance. Understand, most Gurus, Coaches or Mentors will not mail this material to you first. Unfortunately, there are too many individuals who would take and copy this material with no expectation of ever working with someone. If you don't live in geographic proximity torepparttar 117671 person you are considering, they should at least be able to provide you with a very detailed Table of Contents and Sub-Headings for their material. If they are not willing to do that, Pass.

12. Does your Guru, Coach or Mentor give you realistic suggestions to help you, or are they unfeasible given your situation. In other words, arerepparttar 117672 suggestions given within your financial means to carry out. Will they have an impact on your bottom line within a reasonable time frame? Do you haverepparttar 117673 technical expertise to carry outrepparttar 117674 suggestions? Or, do you getrepparttar 117675 feeling that everyone your Guru, Coach or Mentor works with receivesrepparttar 117676 same suggestions. Remember, he/she is there to help support, guide and nurture you. Any suggestions given should have those principles in mind.

13. If suggestions are made, be sure to get specifics. Don't accept generalities. If a suggestion is made to write a book, do a tape set, give a seminar, etc., be sure your Guru, Coach or Mentor gives you details as to how to do it, if you've never done something like this. He/she should be able to give you a step-by-step plan of action to implement these suggestions. If they can't or won't, this is red flag. After all, you are paying for their expertise, be sure you receive it.

14. Be careful about references. No one in business is going to give yourepparttar 117677 name and telephone number of someone who is dissatisfied with their service as a reference. So understand that any references you receive are going to be positive ones. Also, ifrepparttar 117678 Guru, Coach or Mentor claims to have been doing this for a years, get a range of people going back over this time period. See how many of these people are still active. What type of long range success has this person been able to generate forrepparttar 117679 individual he/she has worked with. Don't expect everyone to still be active, but this will give you some idea as torepparttar 117680 effectiveness ofrepparttar 117681 training provided.

Be especially careful ifrepparttar 117682 prospective Guru, Coach or Mentor gives you predominately new individuals to call. This is a big warning sign. Obviously, this last wouldn't apply to someone relatively new.

15. Most Gurus, Coaches and Mentors will look to sign you up for one to two years, or longer. One thing most will not tell you, is that they expect that your calls will diminish overrepparttar 117683 first few months. Therefore, you may be paying for service that you will not need inrepparttar 117684 long run. Avoid long term contracts if at all possible. It may be better to pay as you go if you can. The extra money you save may be better spent on your business.

We hope these guidelines will help you in choosing someone to work with if you decide that isrepparttar 117685 best way for you to accomplish your goals. The bottom line, be very careful before committing yourself to a long term relationship. A good one can greatly accelerate your learning; a bad experience can set you back years, and possibly even kill your dreams.

We wish yourepparttar 117686 best.

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Chuck and Sue have been helping folks start successful home based businesses for over 17 years, and they can help you too! To see how, visit for the latest FREE tips and tricks, educational products and coaching in creative real estate investing and home based businesses.

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