Getting Older

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65 - 75 Having retired I am so glad to be out ofrepparttar rat race. I worry if I will have enough money to live on and whether my children's visits will continue to get less and less frequent. I wonder what happens when my limbs fail to carry me any longer and which nursing home I will end up in before I die. I am most worried about my frailty and crime. I worry about being vulnerable to criminals and I thinkrepparttar 118110 world is going inrepparttar 118111 wrong direction. No one cares aboutrepparttar 118112 elderly - exceptrepparttar 118113 elderly.

People's views do changerepparttar 118114 older they get andrepparttar 118115 closer they get to death. However, perhapsrepparttar 118116 biggest worry for anyone aroundrepparttar 118117 35-55 year age should berepparttar 118118 lack of pension provision they are likely to receive in retirement unless of course they have made other plans. Things are going to get much worse for pensioners - not better!

Anyone younger than 35? Hey, you still have a chance to do something about it...

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Rindercella - The Pyslexic Drincess

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"Mist all Chrucking Fighty!", said Rindercella and she ran out tripping barse over ollocks and dropping her slass glipper.

The next dayrepparttar Pransome Hince knocked on Rindercella's door andrepparttar 118109 sugly isters let him in.

Suddenly, Betty Swallocks lifeted her leg and let out a fig bart.

"Pray, who has just farted?", askedrepparttar 118110 Pransome Hince.

"Blamerepparttar 118111 fugly hucker over there", said Mary Hinge.

Whenrepparttar 118112 stinking brown cloud had lifted he triedrepparttar 118113 slass glipper on bothrepparttar 118114 sugly isters without success and their feet stucking funk!

Betty Swallocks was ducking fisgusted, and gaverepparttar 118115 pransome hince a knick inrepparttar 118116 kackers. This was not difficult because he had a dig bick and barge lollocks.

He triedrepparttar 118117 glass slipper on Rindercella and it fitted pucking ferfectly.

Rindercella andrepparttar 118118 Pransome Hince were married.

The Pransome Hince lived his life in lucking fuxury and Rindercella lived hers with a follen swanny and they both lived happily ever after.


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