Getting Older, Getting Better

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

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3. Personal witness.

We need to practice constant vigilance to bear witness to our beliefs. We must repeatedly re-assess ourselves to ensure that we have not inadvertently bought intorepparttar bias and prejudice that colors so much human thought. We cannot stand silent while others talk or joke about ethnicity, or religion, or sexual preferences. The need to get ahead does not requirerepparttar 132229 sacrifice of all that we hold dear --repparttar 132230 winner ofrepparttar 132231 rat race is, after all, a rat. We must consider our families and ensure that our children are fully exposed torepparttar 132232 potential and worth of every individual, no matter how different from us they may appear. Our expectations and demands of coworkers and subordinates needs to be fair and consistent, regardless or race, gender, or cultural differences. We can stand up and speak out, letting all know that nothing less than equal opportunity and fair evaluation will be tolerated in our personal sphere. We will continue to look for quality of character, knowing that little else matters.

As each generation ages,repparttar 132233 qualities it represented in youth tend to dissipate. Withrepparttar 132234 addition of multiple personal and occupational responsibilities andrepparttar 132235 acquisition of assets and at least a degree of wealth,repparttar 132236 earthquake of social revolution is no longer a promise but a threat. We jealously guard what we have worked so hard to obtain. We become a force for conservancy rather than a force for change.

The baby boom generation hasrepparttar 132237 potential to shatter that familiar pattern. Born onrepparttar 132238 cusp ofrepparttar 132239 most horrifying warrepparttar 132240 world has ever seen, we continue to represent an opportunity forrepparttar 132241 world to evolve, for mankind to rise aboverepparttar 132242 baseness of his bestial nature and to internalizerepparttar 132243 human capacity for true civilization. As we enterrepparttar 132244 autumn of our lives, we are presented withrepparttar 132245 opportunity to finally, and lastingly, make a difference. It is up to us to stand together now, as many years ago we stood inrepparttar 132246 streets of Chicago, Washington, and Birmingham, forrepparttar 132247 rights and liberties of all.

Virginia Bola is a licensed clinical psychologist with deep interests in Age Discrimination and the challenges of maturity. Performing therapeutic services for 30 years, she has researched the effects of cultural forces, employment and aging on the individual. The author of an interactive workbook, The Wolf at the Door: An Unemployment Survival Manual, she can be reached at

Gifts in Chinese Culture

Written by Wong Yee Lee

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Umbrellas would not be welcome in most places in China becauserepparttar pronunciation of 'umbrella' resembles separation. Of course nobody would likerepparttar 132228 idea of separation, particularly concerning your loved ones.

Clocks would not be welcome, particularly on someone's birthday becauserepparttar 132229 pronunciation of 'clock' resembles termination, which means death. No wonder people don't like receiving clocks as birthday gifts.

If you want to give your friends some fruits, remember to buy an even number of them because odd numbers would bring bad luck. So buy 10 apples instead of 9.

Foreigners may find it awkward when your friend says 'You don't need to buy anything when you come here.', or 'Keep it to yourself. I have a lot of these'. He may not mean it. What you need to do is to insist on him receivingrepparttar 132230 gift since Chinese people do not tend to receiverepparttar 132231 gift immediately.

Don't mind it if he doesn't open your present immediately too. Chinese people would think openingrepparttar 132232 present in front of you would be impolite and so they would tend to put it aside and only open it after you have left.

These ideas can only be served as guidelines. Knowing that you come from a foreign culture and being more broad-minded to foreign ideas, Chinese people are nowadays more tolerant to things which are not in line with their culture. So, don't worry too much when you visit a Chinese friend or family. Maybe your exotic idea would bring them a lot of surprises!!

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