Getting Name Recognition Without Touching Your Computer!

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You can use magnetic signs, window stickers, or have your message painted onrepparttar side of your car, van, or tuck. Checkrepparttar 124494 Yellow Pages for a printer, sign company, or banner maker who can provide your signs.

Online check:

Because we tend to drive along withrepparttar 124495 same clump of cars for significant distances, people can see your sign for 15 to20 minutes. Your signs can work as a prolonged highway infomercial.

* Take Advantage of Billboards: Billboards are a classic way of reaching customers in a specific neighborhood. You can target certain routes to work, residential communities, even workers at particular plants.

Not all states and communities allow billboards. You may have to use posters or small signs. These are even more effective in areas that don't have billboards.

Keep your billboard message simple. There is no way people will understand detailed copy at 70 miles per hour. Instead, let a photo help tell your story. A headline, graphic, and two bullets are generallyrepparttar 124496 most your can effectively use.

Major corporations are always interested in creating "Brand Recognition" for their products. That's why you see so many commercials that don't seem to be selling much of anything -- they are simply trying to get you to rememberrepparttar 124497 NAME so that it will come to mind when you make your next purchase. As a small- businessperson, you can dorepparttar 124498 same thing by being creative with your advertising and thinking outsiderepparttar 124499 computer "box."

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Promote Your Business On Television & Radio

Written by Kenny Love

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Basically, ditto for radio, except whereasrepparttar average person is, generally, financially restricted to local television (regional at best), you can (and should) approach radio, literally, on a worldwide basis. How?

Well, radio has as much, if not more, of an advantage because most interviews today, can (and are) conducted via telephone, thus, eliminating your need to travel and incur expense. I, personally, have done almost 100 radio interviews promoting one particular product, or another.

Following up your initial contact,repparttar 124493 same way as you do with television, once your radio interview is scheduled, you wait byrepparttar 124494 phone onrepparttar 124495 date scheduled. By all means, if you have small children in your home, try to arrange for them to be in a different location during your interview. Also, try to eliminate as much noise as possible within your own environment, outside and inside your home.

Another thing, is thatrepparttar 124496 station pays forrepparttar 124497 phone call. The producer/news director will call you approximately 10-15 minutes ahead of time and have you wait while they "set-up"repparttar 124498 show. During this time, you will be able to hearrepparttar 124499 outgoing program, as well as hearingrepparttar 124500 incoming program you are to be a guest on. You will also hear them introduce you to their listenership.

If it is your first time being interviewed, whether on radio or television,repparttar 124501 chance is good that you will be nervous. But, don't let this hold you back because oncerepparttar 124502 virgin interview is done, you are generally comfortable from that point forward.

Again, I have an incredible amount of fun doing both radio and television interviews. My interviews via radio have been as far away as South Africa to date, while I sit inrepparttar 124503 comfort of my own home in Texas.

Below are several web sites where you can have access to radio stations, followed by a research of their programs. The web site addresses listed at numbers 3 and 4, also contain television contacts. What you want to locate, are radio stations withrepparttar 124504 formats of "Talk" and/or "Interview." Withrepparttar 124505 television stations, simply review their online schedules, much as you would a local television guide.





If you are not utilizingrepparttar 124506 television and radio mediums to bring attention to your business, products, or services, you are, indeed, doing yourself a tremendous injustice.

So, there you go. Knock yourself out and have an abundance of fun withrepparttar 124507 media that most people are unfamiliar with or unaware of how to take complete advantage of.

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