Getting It Together

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Looking to relocate or buy a house? What better way to find out about an area you are considering? Check outrepparttar web sites ofrepparttar 119116 local Chamber of Commerce or real estate agencies inrepparttar 119117 area. You can get information aboutrepparttar 119118 taxes,repparttar 119119 type of community it is,repparttar 119120 schools,repparttar 119121 climate and allrepparttar 119122 other things you need to know.

Wantrepparttar 119123 honest truth about a business opportunity? Check out some ofrepparttar 119124 discussion groups under their name - you won't find much "sugar coating" there.

The point I'm trying to make here is simplistic. The web provides us with a great resource, and if you don't use it, you are missing a good bet. But like anything else, you have to use common sense. The "scamsters" have also foundrepparttar 119125 web and allrepparttar 119126 crooked deals they perpetrated beforerepparttar 119127 web, are still being done. The only difference is they are reaching a whole lot more people, much faster.

Years ago, when someone got scammed they may have "fussed and fumed" a bit, but times are a "changin". Now, many of these same people who were scammed, figure if they get a few others to "bite" onrepparttar 119128 same deal that bit them, maybe they can earn their money back. Isn't it amazing thatrepparttar 119129 anonymity ofrepparttar 119130 web can also cloud someone's judgement, and a person who is basically an upright citizen in real life can suddenly become a scamster onrepparttar 119131 net.

The Web is a great place for "Getting it Together", but remember it is a resource, nothing more, nothing less. You have to use repparttar 119132 same care there as anyplace else - maybe more so.

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Bad Attitude

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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A better way is to have a special "filter" with your email package that first sends a response to them, and then files it into a folder for later follow-up. That not only buys you a little time, but sendsrepparttar response from your email address so it appears more personal. You should examine that folder everyday, and be sure to get back to them withrepparttar 119115 information they requested.

Try to pick a specific time each day to answer your email. This should be done from a place where there aren't distractions. If you are upset about something, or something is annoying you, don't answer your email until you are in a better frame of mind.

If you receive an email that really gets under your skin, and you feelrepparttar 119116 need to vent - go ahead and do it - but don't send it yet. Some timesrepparttar 119117 mere process of "venting" will "sooth your savage beast". Wait a few hours, and read your response again. Most ofrepparttar 119118 time, you will either wind up deleting it, or putting it in a more civilized tone.

Never use bad language in an email. Not only will you exacerbaterepparttar 119119 situation, but if a copy is forwarded to your ISP as a complaint, they may very likely cancel your account. The free email accounts especially have a "zero tolerance" for this, and so should you.

Never answer your email when you are pressed for time. Your impatience will be obvious and many will take offense.

Above all, exhibit a positive attitude. If you receive a negative email, thank them for their input, and let them know you will look intorepparttar 119120 problem and get back to them. This at least lets them know you care, and are responsive to their concerns.

We live in a verbal society, andrepparttar 119121 need to express ourselves in a clear, simple way is more important than ever. Don't let a "bad attitude", which is normally a transient thing, ruin your otherwise good sales practices.

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