Getting Honest With The Search Engines

Written by Daria Goetsch

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A good maintenance plan will include providing a ranking report, tweaking keywords in your source code as needed for a monthly/six month/yearly fee and may also include log stats so you can see where your traffic is coming from and what keywords your visitors are using to visit your website.

Methods that work

Good content

Content is one ofrepparttar most important items you need for your website. Once visitors arrive, you need to keep them there. Adding keyword-rich text that makes sense and servesrepparttar 128029 concept ofrepparttar 128030 web page improves your ranking and keeps your visitors interested. The more text,repparttar 128031 better for Search Engine spiders when they index a website.

Good navigation

There is nothing worse than arriving at a website and having difficulty understanding where to go forrepparttar 128032 information you are seeking. Have easy to use, clearly marked navigation so your visitors click through instead of click-away in frustration. Search Engine spiders (robots) index text and links; having good navigation is important torepparttar 128033 indexing of your web pages.

Title/META tags

Individualized Title and META tags for each of your important web pages gives yourepparttar 128034 best chance for optimum success in ranking. Title tags are necessary for Search Engine ranking, in particular with Google's Search Engine. META tags have decreased in importance, but are worth using for clarity and search results. The META description is still used by some Search Engines asrepparttar 128035 default text indexed by Search Engine spiders forrepparttar 128036 search results. The keyword tag isrepparttar 128037 least important but is still used by some engines. My theory is, you never know whenrepparttar 128038 rules ofrepparttar 128039 Search Engines will change, or a new engine will want them, so takerepparttar 128040 time to include these tags in all your web pages.

Link popularity

Links from other popular websites back to your website are one way of increasing your site's popularity. Finding websites with similar content (but not your competitors) and high link popularity, then trading links to be posted on each site, is one way of increasing your site popularity. Good content is vitally important because visitors who stay longer while visiting a website help measurerepparttar 128041 popularity ofrepparttar 128042 site inrepparttar 128043 Search Engines.

Paid Inclusion

Paying a one-time fee or (as is most recentlyrepparttar 128044 case) a yearly renewable subscription fee to be included inrepparttar 128045 Search Engine results. Directories also use this style of service to accept submissions. Paid inclusion does not guarantee that you will be listed withrepparttar 128046 Search Engine or Directory, but gives a shorter time-line of acceptance if they do.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Overture isrepparttar 128047 most popular PPC engine. You bid an amount per keyword phrase to getrepparttar 128048 highest ranking inrepparttar 128049 Overture search results compared to your competitors.

Google AdWords Select

Google AdWords is a program that uses your chosen keywords in an ad inrepparttar 128050 Google Search Engine results in order to promote click-throughs.

Log Stats programs

Having a log stats program is very helpful in tracking your visitors, finding which keywords they are searching on to enter your website, tracking which pages they leave from and much more. Analog is a good free log stats program. WebTrends is a popular paid logs program used by many businesses.

Free submissions take patience

After paying for inclusion, try submitting to some ofrepparttar 128051 secondary Search Engines and directories. Long before Google was a household word, I thought it might become popular and submittedrepparttar 128052 company website. It certainly paid off a year later when Google becamerepparttar 128053 best ofrepparttar 128054 upcoming Search Engines.

Another avenue to venture down are specialty directories. Asrepparttar 128055 web grows larger over time, specialty directories (also known as vertical portals or "vortals") focused on your business area may help you get more link popularity and your company name out torepparttar 128056 public.

Stay Honest

Stay honest, create good content and do your homework when hiring for services.

Using affordable Search Engine Marketing services you will add to your audience exposure onrepparttar 128057 web. In this way you will always be ahead ofrepparttar 128058 game and hopefully, ahead of your competitors.

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Five Common Misconceptions to Achieving Success with your Online Business

Written by Robin Nobles

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Misconception #4: META tags arerepparttar key to success withrepparttar 128028 search engines. Truthfully, very few ofrepparttar 128029 major engines even look at META tags any more. So, sticking META tags on your pages won't bring you traffic and sales.

Misconception #5: The key to success onrepparttar 128030 Web is achieving top 10 rankings for keywords that are important to your business. This way of thinking is outdated. Instead,repparttar 128031 key to success onrepparttar 128032 Web is bringing in extremely targeted traffic that converts to sales. You can have allrepparttar 128033 #1 rankings inrepparttar 128034 world, but ifrepparttar 128035 rankings don't convert to traffic that ultimately converts to sales, your Web site will never be a success.

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