Getting Bent into Shape

Written by Jean R. Charles

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we get "bent out of shape" by them. Maybe these things are really meant to bend us into shape so we may fulfill our real purpose in life. Perhaps they teach us about how to cope with adversity, or show us an aspect of ourselves that we had previously ignored. They may move us out of our comfort zone so we may experience growth and change.

So next time someone or something gets you "bent out of shape," look forrepparttar lesson inrepparttar 123998 situation. Considerrepparttar 123999 possibility that you are getting closer to your really purposeful shape.

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Going With The Flow (Instead Of Swimming Upstream)

Written by Sibyl McLendon

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Again, I am not telling you that if you have contracted a major illness, to just lie down and die. But if you have gotten something such as diabetes, MS, or something similar which requires a life-style change, then going withrepparttar flow or swimming against it can determine if you survive or not. Chances are, you made this life script for yourself before you decided to come here. You were giving yourselfrepparttar 123997 opportunity to transmute Karma in a big way. Don’t blow it by being inflexible and angry; learn your limitations and dorepparttar 123998 very best that you can every day.

Say that a loved one has adopted an attitude that is causing you pain. After telling them inrepparttar 123999 best way that you can that they are hurting you, they choose not to change. You can’t change them. We can never, ever, change another person. We can only change ourselves. Rather than experiencing constant pain, wouldn’t it be better to let it go? Your pain is caused by your wish that things would be different. If they aren’t going to be, then adapt.

Your life is going to be just as easy, or just as difficult as you decide it is going to be. Learn to relax, learn to accept, learn to flow. You will be surprised atrepparttar 124000 inner peace that acceptance can bring.

The Serenity Prayer:

GOD, grant merepparttar 124001 serenity

to acceptrepparttar 124002 things I cannot change,

Courage to changerepparttar 124003 things I can,

andrepparttar 124004 wisdom to knowrepparttar 124005 difference.


Enjoying one moment at a time;

Accepting hardship asrepparttar 124006 pathway to peace.

As my son once told me,repparttar 124007 most profound line in this prayer is “the wisdom to knowrepparttar 124008 difference”. Learn that, and you have learnedrepparttar 124009 secret to true peace and happiness.

Sibyl McLendon is 1/2 Navajo. She is the owner of Spirit Web Design She has been designing sites for 3 years. Visit Spirit Web Design for useful information on website marketing.

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