Getting Back To E-Business

Written by Tim Ward

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(3) Tweak Your Website For The New Year

As a serious internet marketer you realize that you can't expect visitors to your website to be subjected torepparttar same content they saw in 2002. Therefore it is necessary for you to review all your webpages and find ways to change, and hopefully improve,repparttar 118280 'look' and 'feel' of your website. I would like to give you some pointers here, but I, personally, don't know how a website is supposed to 'feel'.

It may also be a good idea to re-submit your website torepparttar 118281 major search engines. Before you do this you will, of course, want to optimize your website so thatrepparttar 118282 search engines will like it. This may involve incorporating things you do not, and WILL NOT, ever understand like meta tags, doorway pages, and various HTML tags into your website. This may also involve putting actual content on your website instead of just banners and pictures of you and your pets. And now before I get nasty emails from all you pet lovers out there, we'll move on torepparttar 118283 next item on our checklist, which is:

(4) Find New Programs To Join

The fact that you made NO money online last year should not deter you from looking for more programs to join this year. The beginning ofrepparttar 118284 year is a great time to do this because there are always lots of new programs in 'Prelaunch' around this time. When a website is in prelaunch it basically means thatrepparttar 118285 owners ofrepparttar 118286 site are out of money and are waiting for your money to finish developingrepparttar 118287 website or to finish paying for their son's college tuition. It does not mean that there will ever be a 'Launch'. But never hearing from a website again is a small price to pay for getting in early.

You'll also want to be onrepparttar 118288 lookout for any new programs that include a 'forced matrix'. No one really knows what that term means, and you may be able to get a few confused newbies to sign-up under you. And on that note we head fearlessly into our final item onrepparttar 118289 checklist which is:

(5) Remember To Have Fun

Just because you can't seem to find a good way to make money online, and your website hosting service has raised their prices, and your ISP has raised their prices, andrepparttar 118290 only affiliate program you ever made money with went belly up, and Ebay canceled your membership, doesn't mean you can't have fun online this year. There are plenty of websites and ezines onrepparttar 118291 World Wide Web that can provide you with hours of fun and enjoyment. And as soon as I find out where they are I'll let you know about them. For now though, I've gotta go. I've got a few belated e-cards to send out...

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"Why So Many Bleep Words?"

Written by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

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So, what's this got to do withrepparttar writer's birthplace? Easy, southern writers would use more words like sugar and swanee and dadgummit! Plus, any well-brought up southern gentleman knows his mama will pop him inrepparttar 118279 forehead if he usesrepparttar 118280 Lord's name in vain--especially in front of a lady. It's infuriating, but I guess they weren't raised any better, bless their hearts...

Now, y'all have a great day and drop by my porch, (, anytime you want to chat.

Shellie Rushing Tomlinson lives in Louisiana with her husband and teenagers. Her writing celebrates the charm and beauty of the South. You can find her memoir, “Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road”, at

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