Getting Away from Mainstream Media and Finding the News That's Relevant

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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Although this idea is in its infancy,repparttar repercussions once realized could have a mammoth impact on how individual humans see and live their lives on Earth. Imagine a society that stretches acrossrepparttar 132360 globe where a collective consciousness speaks to itself in an informative many-to-many communicative process. There are a lot of happy, positive, intelligent people in this world who are interested in similar things to you. Wouldnít you like to hear their stories and share their knowledge as a way of constructing your view of reality?

Letís leave behind this era of negative perspectives and singular authorities telling us how life on Earth should be viewed. It is interesting that some ofrepparttar 132361 most over-wealthy, greedy individuals media moguls who tell us what is important. Donít you want to have a say in how you look at your life while you are here? Positivism and wisdom surrounds us at all times. Wouldrepparttar 132362 Universe exist otherwise? Lets reconnect with that source of energy that makes us smile so many times each day. If life were meant to have so bleak an outlook, would there even be stars inrepparttar 132363 sky?

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer is a writer thinking about how all this new technology could one day be utilized by the masses of technologically challenged people like him. If it could be incorporated into everyday life in a positive way, life itself could evolve to a higher plane. Please visit to see Jesseís personal blog.

Some Villain Thoughts About a Container Village

Written by Iulia Pascanu

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A few observations to Mr Doug Casey's reportage about his Romanian adventure (

Givenrepparttar reasons Mr. Casey liked Romania, I quickly made some "counts". The average Romanian needs to work (at a medium economy salary rate of $11 per day) 2272 days to buy an apartment; or, 103 months (I excluded weekend days of course, they don't pay); or 9 years. This without considering any interest. And supposing that this particular individual doesn't eat, dress or pay rent. Just work his butt off. In real terms, he needs more than nine years, probably 25. That's pretty much for an average ephemeride that lives an average 75 years life.

Mr. Casey's mentioning ofrepparttar 132355 brief trial and execution ofrepparttar 132356 Ceausescu couple has suddenly brought to my senses a smell of a Dogville atmosphere that I have never before associated with Romania. Of course, I'm talking aboutrepparttar 132357 movie dog-ville, notrepparttar 132358 real one.

That takes me back torepparttar 132359 initial idea that shipping container housing is a subject that gives you some chalk drawn-squares (or parallelepipeds in our case) that make you want to play like kids do with their Lego pieces.

But here are a few more questions: Where do you find those imaginative grown-ups that are able to play with shipping containers in a coherent / artful manner? What would their work be worth inrepparttar 132360 end? How much do utilities cost (water, energy, gas supply etc.)? Wouldrepparttar 132361 authorities be open to hear this as an alternative solution to traditional housing?

Iulia Pascanu writes for where you can find information about building with shipping containers and shipping containers industry.

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