Get your Garage Band our of the Garage in into a Gig: Part I: Press Kit and Demo

Written by Dennis Damp Jr

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One ofrepparttar most difficult things for a start up band with little or no money to achieve is recording their demo CD or tape. This does not have to be an expensive venture. When your starting out try renting a 4 track tape recorder or maybe and 8 track recorder with a CD burner. Most music stores will rent this type of equipment at a reasonable cost. Record 3 or 4 of your best songs or cover tunes. This should give you sufficient quality for most local venues when your starting out. Once your act is more established you may want to purchase a portable multi track recorder or book some studio time. It may be just as cost effective to purchase a multi track digital recorder and learnrepparttar 110028 ropes yourself rather than recording at a local studio. Most studios charge an hourly rate, so look around.

Once you have a quality demo CD and press kit its time to start promoting your band. See part II of our article Get your band out ofrepparttar 110029 garage and into a gig at For more information on press kit and demo tips, band resources, and band promotion visitrepparttar 110030 Media Web Source website at This site is a valuable resource for start up and established bands everywhere.

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XARC Mastering celebrates first anniversary, offers holiday gift

Written by XARC Mastering

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Adding to this exciting news is that XARC's homepage now features an easy-to-use pricing estimate calculator. The previous pricing system was replaced in October, with a new system that improves fairness to its clients. The estimate calculator at, being based on this new pricing system, enables rapid production of current estimates for XARC's mastering services. In addition, mixing tips and consultation are also available.

Lorenz explains: "The mixing stage plays an extremely important role in ensuring onlyrepparttar best quality results in mastering. To ensure my customers' total happiness, I want to make sure everything is perfect before mastering is started, so that we can achieverepparttar 110027 best results possible."

Lorenz continues: "It's all part of our enduring commitment to delivering tracks of onlyrepparttar 110028 very highest quality, in an environment of exceptional flexibility and at an extremely reasonable price point. We're simply not happy until our customers are happy, and we do everything that we can to match our clients' commitment to their own work."

Although Lorenz and his team will continue to be working very hard through December, they gratefully pause to wish all XARC clientsrepparttar 110029 very warmest and happiest possible holiday Season, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Finally, in light ofrepparttar 110030 holiday season, XARC Mastering is also offering a holiday gift to both new and current clients: a 10-Euro discount on any one mastering project. (To be eligible,repparttar 110031 discount, which can only be applied once, must be redeemed on or beforerepparttar 110032 28th of February, 2005). To take advantage of this special offer, simply mention code XARC-CP0412 when making mastering arrangements.

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