Get the most out of your digital camera today

Written by Kevin Rockwell

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Edison did it and now we consider him a genius. Experimentation isrepparttar name ofrepparttar 133446 game. Digital images cost you nothing but time and a little battery life. Play around and take lots of shots of things, people, events, you name it. Look at magazines, newspapers and notice what images look cool to you. Try to take shots like that yourself so you can see how it is done. This will get you thinking about how to make your everyday shots better. Look for new and different ways to frame things, take both a vertical and a horizontal shot ofrepparttar 133447 same thing and see how it changes perspective. Get closer to your subject, or get farther away to see which looks better. Find something unique about your subject and look for a way to exploit that for a better image. Here is and example, say for instance you have a great looking car you want a picture of, well donít stand acrossrepparttar 133448 street from it and zoom in onrepparttar 133449 car, get right up close withrepparttar 133450 sun behind you sorepparttar 133451 car is sparkling shiny and fillsrepparttar 133452 whole frame ofrepparttar 133453 image. Find itís best feature and center that inrepparttar 133454 shot sayrepparttar 133455 awesome lines of front ofrepparttar 133456 car or snazzy wheels.

Print something from your camera every week to remind you ofrepparttar 133457 beauty of everyday things. Take shots allrepparttar 133458 time, pick one and print it out and then put it in front of you for a day or a week. Live life as though you want beauty around you allrepparttar 133459 time. If you are madly in love then surround yourself with pictures of that love. If you live in a beautiful place then take pictures of it allrepparttar 133460 time to make sure you never forget how special it is to be there in your life. Donít let those images hide away and not be seen. Wallpaper on your computer can be another place to put your weekly image, change it regularly with images from your family, work, life, hobby and you will get more smiles and more joy out of your camera than you know what to do with. My current wallpaper takes me back to a wonderful day on a mountain lake this past summer paddling kayaks inrepparttar 133461 afternoon breeze. What about yours?

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Understanding Code Behind in .Net Framework

Written by Balaji

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But before you create an ASP.NET Code Behind class, you have to reference it to a namespace. The namespace could be System.Web.UI or` System.Web.UI.WebControls. Next you have to inheritrepparttar class fromrepparttar 133445 Page object. You must declare some public instances of server controls usingrepparttar 133446 name forrepparttar 133447 variables that are similar torepparttar 133448 web controls. This procedure will create a link betweenrepparttar 133449 ASP.NET Code Behind class andrepparttar 133450 server controls.

You can userepparttar 133451 ASP.NET Code Behind feature in various web applications development tools such as Visual Studio.Net and ASP.NET Web Matrix. They provide very easy ways to userepparttar 133452 ASP.NET Code Behind. After dragging and droppingrepparttar 133453 server control fromrepparttar 133454 Toolbox torepparttar 133455 web page you can just right click on it to viewrepparttar 133456 ASP.NET Code Behind page.

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