Get the Most Out of Your Hike

Written by Chuck Fitzgerald

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#7: Prepare forrepparttar worst. Know first-aid and CPR. #8: Use of food and water. It’s okay to ration food, but don’t ration water. If you are thirsty, drink. Decision making skills drop drastically when you are dehydrated. #9: Slow down. If you are hiking only for exercise, you’re missingrepparttar 139033 best part. Nature is all around, slow down and pay attention. You’ll be rewarded many times over. #10: Take a friend along. Like most things in life, sharing your hiking passion with someone you care about is awesome.

There are literally thousands of great places to hike in North America and dozens of quality websites to learn more aboutrepparttar 139034 sport. Check out our on-line education center or connect with a local hiking club for hikes in your area – but in any case it is up to you and only you to getrepparttar 139035 most out of your hikes.

Use this information and you’ll Get It Right The First Time. Get Outdoors!

Chuck Fitzgerald is the owner of Arizona based BackCountry Toys, an online specialty store with the “Best Gear Out There” and dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts to “Get It Right The First Time” with timely educational information. Please visit to find great gear and to receive the Fact & Tips e-newsletter, "FreshAir.” (800) 316-9055.

6-Max Texas Limit Holdem : Hand Values

Written by Chip Westley

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Really turn onrepparttar afterburners when you get one ofrepparttar 139032 monster starting hands. Pocket pairs AA through JJ are extremely strong in a game with few opponents. They are much more likely to hold up unimproved in 6-max. Also, because your opponents typically play looser and see more raises you'll get a lot of action at times.

Strong hands such as Ak, AQ, AJ, and KQ ( suited and unsuited ) need to be played strongly! Firstly, there's alwaysrepparttar 139033 chance of winningrepparttar 139034 hand unopposed. Secondly, if you hit onrepparttar 139035 flop you likely be inrepparttar 139036 lead. And if you have position afterrepparttar 139037 flop, your pre-flop raise opens up many deceptive options depending onrepparttar 139038 table's actions.

In this introductory segment we've taken a look atrepparttar 139039 differences of starting hand values versus a regular full ring game. In future articles we'll explore other areas such as post flop play, blind play, and bluffing.

Chip Westley is the webbloger at Home Run . Home Run Poker is a place for baseball fans that like to play poker to meet and arrange private online poker games.

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