Get the Internet on Your Own Terms

Written by Chris Ellington

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Privacy RSS feeds are more private than newsletters. Unlike when you subscribe to newsletters (where you must give your email address torepparttar content provider so thatrepparttar 147953 information can be emailed to you) when you subscribe to RSS Feeds, you don't have to give your email address (or any personal information) torepparttar 147954 site owner, because they aren't mailing you their information.

Something to consider - it is possible that content providers will start asking for personal information when subscribing to an RSS feed. It hasn't happened yet, so subscribe today before they start!

Portability When I change email addresses or work on a different computer, I don't loserepparttar 147955 content I like, because my RSS reader is keeping track ofrepparttar 147956 content I want to see - withoutrepparttar 147957 involvement ofrepparttar 147958 content provider. It's like radio stations on your Walkman. The station manager doesn't know when you changerepparttar 147959 station and if you move across town, you don't loserepparttar 147960 stations. It's all in your Walkman. When you're using an online RSS reader (like My Yahoo! or MyMSN), your subscriptions are available from any computer, anywhere inrepparttar 147961 world.

No 'Unsubscribe' Headaches When I'm tired of getting a newsletter, I am required to contactrepparttar 147962 publisher and "unsubscribe" to makerepparttar 147963 mailing stop. With RSS, you don't have to interact withrepparttar 147964 website owner to get offrepparttar 147965 list. Simply clickrepparttar 147966 button in your RSS reader and it will stop collecting data from that site. You are in complete control.

No More Spam Today, RSS is pure content. Because you didn't give out your email address to subscribe, you know that you won't get spammed. The internet folks have an incentive to keeprepparttar 147967 feed relatively ad-free. While you're reading their content in your RSS reader, ifrepparttar 147968 content stops being interesting or becomes non-stop pitching, it is very easy forrepparttar 147969 reader (you) to disconnect. Most of these folks would rather keep you tuned in than to lose you forever.

Think of it like television. If "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations" becomes a long series of commercials and no plot, people will changerepparttar 147970 channel, many never to return. Sorepparttar 147971 producers see to it that they have interesting content that keeps viewers returning for more. RSS will likely followrepparttar 147972 same route.

Get yourself an RSS reader and start subscribing to feeds today. You'll getrepparttar 147973 internet on your own terms.

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Your Website Reflects Your Business

Written by Tia Scott

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A Miracle Worker Beware of web designers who make promises they cannot keep. A web developer’s failure to live up to his/her promises will more than likely hurt your website, which in return can hurt your business image. Let’s take a search engine such as as an example. plays by their own rules that web developers cannot control, only abide by. A web developers promise to get you in #1 spot forrepparttar keyword “shoe” is almost impossible. There are some people who will result to measures that are against policy, to make you think you’ve reached that #1 spot. Keyword spamming, url spoofing, keyword hiding, to name a few. Resulting to these measures will make your site look unprofessional and get you banned from A One Service Provider You shouldn’t have to shop in ten different locations to create your website. This will lead to ten different levels of quality. For example, if you have to hire a graphic designer forrepparttar 147916 graphical layout, then a programmer forrepparttar 147917 shopping cart, and a writer forrepparttar 147918 content; if each professional isn’t onrepparttar 147919 same thinking page about your company, it will be evident. A Lazy Bum A good Web Design Professional isn’t willing to cut corners if it means sacrificingrepparttar 147920 quality of your online presence. This includes, but not limited to: search engine preparing, content management and research, information placement, programming and more. If your web developer slacks on any of these issues, your website will show it. What A Web Developer Is •A Solutions Provider •A Consultant •A Fast Learner A Solutions Provider You deserve a web developer in tune to your business needs and who understands how your website effectsrepparttar 147921 image you are trying to create. The Developer should be able to provide many, if not allrepparttar 147922 resources available to complete your website from start to finish, or knowrepparttar 147923 correct people who can. A Consultant You should feel confident asking your web developer questions and confident that you’ll receive answers. A Fast Learner More than likely, your web developer will be alien to your industry of business. He/She should know how to research information related to your business and how to implement it into your website. The Science of Information Placement And last, but certainly not least isrepparttar 147924 science of information placement. This is simply knowing what information you want your customers to see and in what order. For example,repparttar 147925 first place a user focuses onrepparttar 147926 majority ofrepparttar 147927 time when they first visit a website, is whatever is inrepparttar 147928 middle ofrepparttar 147929 screen. This will be where you want to put your most important information, or sales niche. This isn’t where you want to put your lengthy sales agreements and contract information. Conclusion The first impression you want to give your potential customer is that you are qualified to deliver what they need and how they need it, better than your competition. The more time they spend on your website trying to come up with those reasons,repparttar 147930 more that potential customer is slipping away. We want to close that sale as soon as possible. Your website reflects your business inrepparttar 147931 way it is ran,repparttar 147932 products it provides, and how it treats its customers. Make sure that first impression isrepparttar 147933 correct one!

"Ignore what other people think you like and listen to your heart, it’s your passions in life no one can rightfully criticize."

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