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Written by Meredith Gossland

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Don't turn it into a sales pitch! Keep it informational.

There should be 3 elements torepparttar class

1) A topic that deals with a specific problem your target market might deal with.

Examples first time buyers financing, home improvements that increaserepparttar 136985 value of your property, building VS buying, factors to consider when buying rural properties, how to save money on taxes, maintenance and other home owner expenses. Think aboutrepparttar 136986 problems that face your clients and then create a class that meets their needs.

2) Solutions torepparttar 136987 problems that don't include buying a house from you or listing their property with you. Remember, this is not a sales pitch, it is a class. Once you build up trustrepparttar 136988 money part will naturally follow if your students believe you know what you're talking about. People do business with those they trust, you have hours to build up their in you.

3) Makerepparttar 136989 class interesting and fun. Plan your class well and practice often, have friends critique you before you teach. Make it interactive.. give students plenty of time to participate inrepparttar 136990 learning process. DON"T JUST LECTURE! Be energetic and cheerful no one likes a boring class. Be brief, get torepparttar 136991 point, don't meander aroundrepparttar 136992 topic. Have a simple outline for each class printed and have lots of white space onrepparttar 136993 paper so students can write notes. Don't write out everything for them, if they write it down they are more likely to remember.

Better, much better than throwing away thousands on direct mail, and you reach people who are interested in real estate, you build relationships with your students and instantly become an expert in their eyes, you get paid, you get referrals. Atrepparttar 136994 end ofrepparttar 136995 class have a little party, snacks and soda or juice and pass out your business card.

Other places to teach....entrepreneaur classes, city college, at home related expos (seminars or workshops), in your office, libraries, and SBA classes. have fun marketing!

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Auction Seller Guide To Success

Written by Leroy Chan

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5. Give Plenty of Time for Your Auction

Let as many people as possible see your auction. Setrepparttar duration for five or seven days so weekend buyers will have a chance to bid on your item too.

6. Show a Photo of Your Item

Take a digital photo of your item and post it with your listing. Let your buyers see what they are bidding on. Allowrepparttar 136805 photo to help you sell it. Having to see something first before you buy it is only natural. Apply this same principle to online auctions. Buying a digital camera is a good investment these days and instructions on loading pictures up torepparttar 136806 eBay site are simple enough that there really is no excuse not to have a picture.

7. Give Buyers Plenty of Payment Options

Make it easy forrepparttar 136807 buyer to pay. Providing as many payment options as available is better. Place in your item listing your own merchant account or credit card processor information. Sign up with Paypal if you don't have your own merchant account. Let buyers pay by check or money order if you don't provide payment through Paypal or credit cards. Including all payment options leaves no buyers behind.

8. Be Clear on Shipping and Handling Information

Avoid troubles or negative seller feedback by stating upfront your shipping costs. Mention this clearly in your listing. Include your return policy.

9. Give Contact Information

Gainrepparttar 136808 buyer's trust by freely stating your contact information. List your email, phone number or mailing address.

10. Keep on Testing

Reviewrepparttar 136809 auctions that have ended. Learn fromrepparttar 136810 wins and losses. Try changingrepparttar 136811 category, title, description or price if it didn't sell. Testingrepparttar 136812 individual elements inrepparttar 136813 auction process is critical to your goal of becoming a successful auction seller.

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