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Written by Jakob Jelling

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The submission process is relatively uncomplicated. Your first step is to visitrepparttar website of Open Directory Project: You will be able to select a category and subcategories for your website and add your website’s URL. Make sure that you selectedrepparttar 127842 correct category and subcategory. Incorrect selection may result in longer waiting period or rejection. Also read and followrepparttar 127843 provided instructions and requirements very carefully

The title and description that you submit should be carefully prepared and reviewed to make sure they accurately describerepparttar 127844 content andrepparttar 127845 main theme of your website. If DMOZ editors will disagree with your description or title, they can either change it or completely reject your website.

It may take some time (sometimes 6 months or more ...) before your website will show up inrepparttar 127846 Open Directory Project. However, do not resubmit your website duringrepparttar 127847 waiting period as this can only result in a longer delay or get your website rejected. Be patient and regularly checkrepparttar 127848 status of your submission by doingrepparttar 127849 search on DMOZ. If your website does not get listed for a long period of time or gets rejected, you can also check onrepparttar 127850 status ofrepparttar 127851 submission orrepparttar 127852 reasons forrepparttar 127853 rejection by contactingrepparttar 127854 editors forrepparttar 127855 subcategory that you selected.

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The Myth of Search Engine Submission

Written by Mario Sanchez

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When exchanging links, make sure you do it with reputable, non-competitive sites with a topic related to yours (for example, if you're a real estate agent, you may want to trade links with a mortgage broker's site).

Writing articles and posting them in sites like Article City or Ideamarketers is not only a good way to get links, but also a great way to establish yourself as an expert. The idea is to allow other webmasters to re-print your articles for free, provided that they include your resource box (with a link to your site) atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 127841 article.

In summary, don't waste time, energy and money submitting your site, or using one of those services that claim to submit your site to "thousands of search engines" (they are worthless). Instead, focus on getting high-quality inbound links. They will get your site listed faster while building your site's online reputation and popularity.


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