Get an attitude about your writing

Written by Angela Booth

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The magazine has lots of advertising. By callingrepparttar advertising department, and having their advertising rates faxed to you, you see that they're charging $10,000 for a full page ad. You've read that their usual contributor rates are around fifty cents a word.

You're offered 40 cents a word. You haggle, and you andrepparttar 129358 editor establish that this is 40 cents forrepparttar 129359 complete 1000 words, even ifrepparttar 129360 magazine cutsrepparttar 129361 piece right down. Why did you agree?

Firstly, you want to break into this magazine. Secondly, you've done a lot ofrepparttar 129362 research, andrepparttar 129363 article will be easy to write. Thirdly, you needrepparttar 129364 money, and you've heard that this magazine pays within fourteen days of receivingrepparttar 129365 invoice.

Onrepparttar 129366 other hand, let's say that you've written for this magazine before. You've written three features which were well received. You've been getting a dollar a word. For this plastic surgery story,repparttar 129367 editor tells you they've had budget cuts, and she can only afford to give you 50 cents a word.

You thank her for her time, and tell her that although you can't afford to dorepparttar 129368 story for that rate, you look forward to working with her again.

So getting an attitude means being armed with knowledge. You know how long and how much effort it will take you to dorepparttar 129369 work, and whatrepparttar 129370 client can pay. You know what kind of deal you're happy with, and what you'll walk away from.

Want another example?

Let's say you're a sub-contractor occasionally working with a graphics design business. They send you an eight page brochure, and ask for a quote to copyedit it.

You readrepparttar 129371 copy-heavy brochure, and it's a mess. You estimate it will take you eight hours to dorepparttar 129372 work.

They get back to you --- eight hours seems too long. Are you sure it will take you eight hours?

You reply that it will, but if you finish in seven hours, you will only charge them for seven hours. Onrepparttar 129373 other hand, if it takes you nine hours, you'll only charge them for eight.

You getrepparttar 129374 job.

Get an attitude about your work. Know your markets, and stand up for yourself. Not only will you be happier, but you'll also make more money from your writing.

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Australian author, journalist and copywriter Angela Booth has been writing professionally for over twenty years. She writes business books and copy for businesses.

Write an article a day

Written by Angela Booth

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When you're writing your seven articles forrepparttar next seven days - -- and forever afterward --- don't be too enraptured or concerned withrepparttar 129357 bait paragraph or paragraphs. Your bait is important, but not so important that you stall over it, and never get around to writingrepparttar 129358 article.

The bait can only become a stumbling block if you let it. Getrepparttar 129359 article written, and then you can worry about individual components likerepparttar 129360 bait.

===> The Explanation

This part of your article explainsrepparttar 129361 article's subject, or thesis. If you're writing about a computer program, you can explain whatrepparttar 129362 program does in a nutshell, or whyrepparttar 129363 program is important. If you're writing a personality profile,repparttar 129364 explanation tellsrepparttar 129365 reader why he should readrepparttar 129366 profile.

Sometimes you won't need an explanation, it will be covered inrepparttar 129367 article's headline andrepparttar 129368 bait.

===> The Step (s)

The Steps are your argument. They can be individual anecdotes, or pieces of evidence. If you're writing about a computer program,repparttar 129369 Steps could be various ways of usingrepparttar 129370 program, or how to get started withrepparttar 129371 program. If you're writing a profile,repparttar 129372 Steps could be your subject's career, his family life,repparttar 129373 details of his run for office, orrepparttar 129374 details of how he wonrepparttar 129375 tennis championship, what others say about him, and so on.

I usually writerepparttar 129376 steps in any order, and then rearrangerepparttar 129377 order with appropriate transitions as I work through later drafts.

In a short article of 300 words, you won't have space for more than one Step.

===> The Termination

The ending ofrepparttar 129378 article.

Inrepparttar 129379 case ofrepparttar 129380 article aboutrepparttar 129381 computer program, it could be how many people have boughtrepparttar 129382 program, whenrepparttar 129383 next version will be available, or where you can buy it.

In your personality profile,repparttar 129384 ending could be a final quote fromrepparttar 129385 subject.

A circular ending, when you manage to refer torepparttar 129386 bait orrepparttar 129387 explanation inrepparttar 129388 ending, is satisfying, and is an easy way to wraprepparttar 129389 article up without working too hard.

Althoughrepparttar 129390 BAIT formula seems prosaic, it will release your creativity. It gives you a structure, which is alwaysrepparttar 129391 hardest task in writing an article. So go ahead. Write an article a day forrepparttar 129392 next seven days. Atrepparttar 129393 end ofrepparttar 129394 seven days, you'll be a better writer.

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Australian author, journalist and copywriter Angela Booth has been writing professionally for over twenty years. She writes business books and copy for businesses.

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