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SEO is achieved by careful research of your keywords (which you may already have if you did this for your PPC campaign), careful placement of keywords in your content, proper web design structure, submitting your site to search engines and directories, and building a good linking strategy.

Get Valuable Links Pointing to your Site!

This method can both be free and cost you money. There are numerous directories and search engines that you can submit to that do not cost a dime. THE most important directory to submit to still doesn't cost a dime! It is DMOZ found at Although it is free it is slow in getting listed there. It can take months to get listed there. The 2nd most popular (and most valuable) directory to submit to is Yahoo! It's cost is currently $299 per year. These two directories help your search engine rankingsrepparttar best and are also helpful to getting your web site known. Do a search onrepparttar 142554 internet for more directories to submit to. Especially directories that are specific to your web site theme. For example if you sell shoes you could type in 'shoe directory' intorepparttar 142555 search engine.

You can also write articles like this one and put your web site address on repparttar 142556 bottom, do reciprocal linking (but there are dangers with this if you do it withrepparttar 142557 wrong people), and many other ways to get links pointing to your site. For more information on how to do this visit It has an article there entitled, "How and Why to Build a Linking Strategy."

Offline Promotion!

Have your web site address printed on your invoices, receipts, business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, radio ads, and television ads. The possibilities are endless. Let all of your customers know that you have a web site now. Set up a press release pointing outrepparttar 142558 conveniences for your customers if they use your web site. Word of mouth goes a long way. Another idea is to have your web site address plastered on bill boards or onrepparttar 142559 side of company vehicles. Giving away promotional items such as pens that have your web site address on it can help too. Just be sure thatrepparttar 142560 pens work well or else they can end up giving you a bad name. I've thrown away quite a few crappy pens in my day and thought thatrepparttar 142561 businesses hadrepparttar 142562 same quality.

On Site Promotion!

While people are at your site you can set up a 'Refer a Friend' link, 'Email this Page to a Friend' link, or a 'Print This Page' link to help gain popularity. Also you could offer discount coupons that are only available from your web site. This will help you track where your customers are coming from.

If you do a little hunting and searching you'll find many ways to promote your web site, and soon your web site will become so popular that it will be promoting your business very well. If you would like more informational articles on how to promote your business and web site read our archive of articles at and coming soon is going to be a division of Internet Presence that will show you how to optimize your site, provide you withrepparttar 142563 reports you need to SEO your site, offer services such as keyword research, etc. And if you don't want to attempt to do it yourself we can do it for you. So be looking for this site to show up inrepparttar 142564 coming months.

Untilrepparttar 142565 next article, have a great day!

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HTML Encryption

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What Is Website Security?

Website security is now one ofrepparttar most demanded products by webmasters worldwide. Web page security from HTML Block is essential for your web pages if you have designs, graphics or code you wish to lock away from others. HTML Block has built-in special features which enables you to add security such as disable right click, disable text select, disable image toolbar, disable page caching, disable page printing, disable print screen, disable clipboard and that's onlyrepparttar 142469 start as it packed with many other features. Using free Javascripts which you can download are now no longerrepparttar 142470 way forward, as HTML Block encrypts all its code into unreadable code which is a much higher security level than ever before.

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