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Written by Gauher Chaudhry

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Word of mouth isrepparttar oldest and most proven marketing method that will make or break your business. The success ofrepparttar 134299 movie "Blair Witch Project" was because ofrepparttar 134300 positive feedback people were saying aboutrepparttar 134301 movie. There are plenty of movies that also bomb because people quickly hear negative feedback through word of mouth.

You need to create this effect for your web site. Word of mouth will cause a snowball effect that can literally bring you thousands of visitors to your web site.

A prime example isrepparttar 134302 site Today it received close to 5,000 unique visitors. Approximately 1,000 of those visitors were from referrals and greeting cards. Also a portion ofrepparttar 134303 remaining 4,000 unique visitors were from people who had bookmarkedrepparttar 134304 site inrepparttar 134305 past after visiting it from a referral or greeting card.

This can be a very powerful marketing technique. The best part about this marketing technique is that once you get these scripts installed, you do not have to do anymore work. Just sit back and watchrepparttar 134306 traffic roll in.

Here are a couple of sites were you can grab free viral scripts for your web site:

CGI City

The CGI Resource Index

Make sure you followrepparttar 134307 instructions very carefully as it will help you haverepparttar 134308 scripts running up in minutes. Most importantly, make sure you provide valuable content on your site so that people will feel like referring your site to their friends and associates.

You don't have to do allrepparttar 134309 marketing for your web site. If you create something of value, your visitors will dorepparttar 134310 marketing for you.

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Written by David Seitz

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Create a portal on a topic related torepparttar affiliate programs you are promoting and funnelrepparttar 134298 buyers in!

* FIRST YOU NEED A THEME & A DOMAIN NAME: So let's find out what type of portal we can create. Many of you may already know me asrepparttar 134299 Affiliate Marketing Director for Net Detective: Many affiliates have been following along with this article and creating some killer revenue machines. As an example of an affiliate front here are a few ideas for a front end portal for Net Detective: (Remember,in this examplerepparttar 134300 goal is to sell net detective so we need to find a theme and content geared to repparttar 134301 product.) 1: A spy resources directory 2: An Investigation resource center 3: An adoption/genealogy resource center 4: A directory of location services 5: A search resource directory 6: Employee Investigation resource directory 7: Spy or investigation software resource center etc., etc.... As you can see this can easily turn into a really powerful marketing machine that will work for you 24 hours a day. You can build a vortal for any type of affiliate program you are promoting. You will definitely need a new domain name for this project and here are four resources to help: For 13.50 per year this isrepparttar 134302 lowest domain registration service I have seen If you need help coming up with a good domain name use these three resources to search for available names. 1. 2. 3.

* SECOND, YOU NEED A SYSTEM: Fortunately for us there are several ready made directory systems available on-line to help us quickly get our new vertical portal up and running. Links Manager v2.0 - create your own directory or index like Yahoo, Snap or Dmoz. Includes sophisticated administrative tool and it's automated: Index Finger Pro Edition - Produces a clean and professional directory using html pages. Unlimited categories and sub-categories, supports ad banners, search, site requests, mailing list, site rating, what's new and cool pages, plus more. Web Index v1 - With WebIndex you can start a search engine that works very much like Yahoo or CGI-Resources. Withrepparttar 134303 web-based admin area you can build uprepparttar 134304 directories, edit/remove directories, verify/edit/remove links and much more. Automatically updated What's New! page, advanced search andrepparttar 134305 best part is:repparttar 134306 layout ofrepparttar 134307 pages are totally customizable. You can find many more directory systems at Cgi-Resources Here isrepparttar 134308 direct link torepparttar 134309 links indexing category:

* THIRD, YOU WILL NEED A MARKETING PLAN: Again we can help! We have a large amount of material to help you get your new portal in front of as many eyeballs as you can at a Helping Hands resource center.

The goal of your portal should be to provide a one stop resource for your selected category and focus on selling your product or promtoing your affiliate programs.

If you work your affiliate program banners, links, classifieds etc. into your sites framework you will be surprised at how successful your new venture could become. When you produce targeted traffic your sales will only rise. Just think, every single visitor to your new portal is a potential customer! Talk about targeting huh?

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