Get Wealthy With the Rule of 72

Written by Vincent R. Moloney MD

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You think to yourself "I wish I could have twice as much". You may have figured out where this is going. Just START 7 YEARS EARLIER. Now atrepparttar end of 35 years you have $414,000, just for starting sooner. And if you start another 7 years earlier, imagine, $846,000. You accumulate $214,000 duringrepparttar 148867 fifth 7-year period and $432,000 duringrepparttar 148868 sixth 7-year period. Sixteen times and thirty-two timesrepparttar 148869 amount inrepparttar 148870 first 7-year period. All forrepparttar 148871 same 110 dollars a month!

Yes, I know. This would require beginning saving at age 23, a very difficult thing to do. I also realize that those people with marginal incomes just don't have money to save and also that younger people usual have lower earnings power and incomes. I'm trying to makerepparttar 148872 point that to whatever extent you can follow this start-early concept it will pay off handsomely byrepparttar 148873 time you reach retirement.

Albert Einstein wrote that he believedrepparttar 148874 most marvelous thing inrepparttar 148875 universe was compound interest. You can put it to work and double or triple your retirement savings. Save as much as you can, save regularly but most of all start as EARLY as possible.

Dr. Moloney retired from Family Practice several years ago but has retained his lifelong interest in music and teaching. He has written a book explaining and simplifying music. http:/

Day Trading - Moving Averages vs Support and Resistance

Written by Mike Reed

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Eventually, a trending market will reachrepparttar next major support or resistance zone. At that pointrepparttar 148866 zones once again become more important thanrepparttar 148867 moving averages.

In afternoon trading,repparttar 148868 market has often broken through a support or resistance zone several times. In that case,repparttar 148869 zone is no longer useful, and new areas of support and resistance can usually be found. When I find them, I send my subscribers an RBI Intraday Update withrepparttar 148870 new support or resistance areas, and a description of what I thinkrepparttar 148871 market will do if it moves above or below them.

Mike Reed is author of TradeStalker's RBI Trader's Updates. He has been trading the Market for 23 years. His support and resistance numbers have been published on the internet since 1996. Mike's nightly support and resistance zones are specific and incredibly accurate. He offers an unlimited free trial of his nightly TradeStalker RBI Trader's Updates. Copyright 2005 Mike Reed

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