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Written by Kevin OHara

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Next, pull your potential customers with an attention getting title. Itísrepparttar first thingrepparttar 138402 searcher sees. Make sure it matches what your web site offers, if it doesnít some people will not be happy and that's not a good way to start with a potential customer. Try to use your most popular keywords inrepparttar 138403 title. Titles with keywords in them get more click throughs.

Next would be to create a description, but here is where you need to hook them. Make surerepparttar 138404 description builds onrepparttar 138405 title and tells your searcher what they can expect. You donít want to waste money on people who donít meet your ideal customer. You also want to work inrepparttar 138406 keyword they used to find you intorepparttar 138407 description.

A good source for low cost pay per click advertising is Keyword advertising starts as low as .05 a click.

To getrepparttar 138408 most from your pay per click campaign use an attention getting title, a detailed description and choose your keywords wisely. If you follow these guidelines youíre sure to get quality traffic for pennies per keyword.

Want to broadcast the benefits of your product or service to the world?

Written by Julia Hyde

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3. The dramatized commercial. Out of allrepparttar different types of radio commercials,repparttar 138401 dramatized commercial isrepparttar 138402 most popular. Consisting of a short play or playlet, withrepparttar 138403 product asrepparttar 138404 hero, they provide a solution to a problem and let people Ďcreate an image in their mind.í If you fancy producing a dramatized commercial youíll definitely have to hire a professional cast otherwise it will sound phony. But,repparttar 138405 extra cost can be worth it because this type of commercial can be very effective.

4. The humorous commercial. Humor is an extremely dangerous weapon, especially if placed inrepparttar 138406 wrong hands. Itís elusive and subjective. No two people will thinkrepparttar 138407 same things are funny. And, something that may have been amusingrepparttar 138408 first time around can be downright irritating onrepparttar 138409 20th hearing. If you must use humor in your radio commercial, considerrepparttar 138410 following:

~ Humor should form only part of your commercial. The rest should be used for information.

~ Donít use slapstick. To appreciate it, youíve got to see it, not hear it. ~ Donít preach. Sermons arerepparttar 138411 death of humor. ~ Keep it simple. The funniest things arerepparttar 138412 things that everyone does in their daily lives: sleeping, eating, money, family life.

A word about jingles

Some radio commercials can be improved if they have a jingle. Simple jingles lullrepparttar 138413 listener into a sense of well being, create a mood, and can become synonymous with a particular product. But, thereís a danger that whilerepparttar 138414 jingle will make people want to tap their feet and hum torepparttar 138415 music, it wonít motivate them to buy. For that reason you should think carefully before deciding to use a jingle in your commercial. And, donít be charmed byrepparttar 138416 jingles catchy lyrics, up-beat tempo or foot tapping beat. Ask yourself: ďWill it sell my product?Ē If youíre not convinced, leave it out.

Where to get help

There are a number of places you can go to get help with your commercial, especially if youíre advertising locally. Hereís a couple to get you started:

1. Your local radio station will have a whole library full of sound effects and music you can tap into. However most stations donít volunteer this information so youíll have to do a bit of legwork. 2. Consider hiringrepparttar 138417 services of a Ďjingle houseí -- a company that can whip up music and lyrics to order. Make sure you supply them with information about what you wantrepparttar 138418 commercial to achieve so they come up with a jingle that will appeal to your target audience.

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