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Written by Ratliff J

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Why would companies pay you just to promote their products? That's easy! Over 2.5 billion dollars are spent on advertising every year. These companies are spending a lot of money, and they are not guaranteed thatrepparttar advertising will result in a sale. After all, you don't buy everything you see do you? No one does! So, these same companies also have a different advertising program that not many people know about. It is called an affiliate program. By promoting their products, you can collect a commission off of every sale. These commissions can range anywhere from a few dollars to thousands. Most ofrepparttar 141138 programs pay between $10-$100. The companies are able to pay you more because they don't have to pay a red cent untilrepparttar 141139 sale is already made, so for them it is GUARANTEED advertising.

Again, this system is now FREE! Just go torepparttar 141140 Internet Cash System website.

J. Ratliff is author of the Internet Cash System. He also has an Affiliate Program Directory.

Why are you abusing RSS

Written by Allan Burns

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I am afraid this isrepparttar new scourge ofrepparttar 140911 internet and it is going to affect you sooner or later. But all is not lost, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. First off I would suggest not publishing full content feeds, that is only publish part of a large article and link it back to your website. Secondly put a copyright notice in your feed. Then if someone copies it verbatim they will getrepparttar 140912 copyright notice as well, when they republish it all of there readers will know what they've been up to. Thirdly contact there publisher of your work and remind them that they are stealing copyrighted material.

If you do want to republished content from other feeds then you should contactrepparttar 140913 publisher and ask permission. When you republishrepparttar 140914 content do not remove any links and make surerepparttar 140915 original publisher is properly attributed. This way you get free content andrepparttar 140916 author get some traffic, a fair exchange and everyone wins.

Allan is the webmaster at an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.

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