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Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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- How will you time and manage your advertising to maintain a synergistic flow of traffic without aggravating your web host?

- Which advertising mediums you plan on using (ezines, guaranteed visitors, viral techniques, site blasts, articles...)?

3. Get set and ready to push into full gear at a moments notice - Start placingrepparttar orders for your advertising or at least shortlistrepparttar 131849 ad services you plan to use. Remember it will be a busy time for every one, with a rush to meet deadlines, blood pressures surging, tempers flaring... so better get inrepparttar 131850 line up well ahead to avoid any pitfalls.

Also Remember you only need a good sales page, irresistible bait and a strong gushing tributary to direct a heavy flood of potential shoppers fromrepparttar 131851 main stream to your shop.

Just make your shop as magnetic as possible and get as many `tourists` to go through it as you can.

Shahnaz Rauf is The Editor of The Monster Twister– a Newsletter helping ordinary web owners achieve extraordinary heights without losing their shirts. For more information read her article

Is Your Website Optimized for Search Engines?

Written by Scott Buresh

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Issue #3- Meta Tags. Some people believe that meta tags arerepparttar Holy Grail of search engine optimization. Unfortunately, their effectiveness is limited (many engines ignore them completely), but they can play a limited role in determining rank on some engines. To see if your site has meta tags, go to your home page. Clickrepparttar 131847 "view" command atrepparttar 131848 top ofrepparttar 131849 browser window. Fromrepparttar 131850 pull-down menu, select "source". This should open up another window that shows your code. Much of this may seem indecipherable, but there should be two commands there (usually nearrepparttar 131851 top ofrepparttar 131852 code). One of these says meta name="description" content= and will go on to describe your company and products, and one says meta name="keywords" content= and goes on to list applicable keywords for your site. If these tags are missing, have your web expert insert them.

Issue #4- Links. Link popularity has become increasingly important to search engine rankings, with 19 ofrepparttar 131853 top 20 engines using it in their ranking algorithm. Simply put, search engines give a ranking boost to sites that have links from quality, related sites. There are numerous free tools onrepparttar 131854 web that will allow you to see what sites link to yours (just type "free link popularity check" in your favorite search engine). If you don't have many sites linking to yours, it may be time to start a link building campaign. This is where you find quality, non-competing sites in your industry and ask them if they would like to exchange links. An additional benefit of link exchanges is that these links can bring you additional, highly targeted traffic.

Conclusion Although followingrepparttar 131855 above guidelines will by no means guarantee you top page rankings for your keywords, fixing one or more ofrepparttar 131856 problems should have a very positive impact on your search engine rankings. Forrepparttar 131857 volumes of potential customers that a search engine can send to your site, it's certainly worthrepparttar 131858 effort.

Scott Buresh is Co-founder and Principal of Medium Blue Internet Marketing . For monthly tips on how to get the most out of your internet presence, sign up for our Internet Marketing Newsletter .

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