Get Serious

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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I read another ad for Web Design andrepparttar HTML coding in his ad was wrong. That sure built a lot of confidence.

Most people scan poorly constructed ads and simply "click away". Guess they feel like I do. If you don't care enough to write a credible ad, why should I think you'll care about me if I buy from you?

Many people rely too heavily onrepparttar 101217 spell checker on their computer. This is a mistake. After you do spell check, get someone else to read it. When writing something, many times you get so close torepparttar 101218 article, you miss mistakes that someone else would quickly find. Many words that are being used incorrectly will pass spell check.

Remember - you usually only get one "shot" when a person sees your ad. If it is written well, and has an attention getting headline, you just might make that sale. If you want to do business onrepparttar 101219 web, "Get Serious".

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One of the Few

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Most ofrepparttar affiliate programs require a monthly investment fromrepparttar 101216 people who join, and you earn commissions on what they spend. Why not consider that "three month" approach. Give them a gift equal torepparttar 101217 value of what you would earn in three months if they stick withrepparttar 101218 program. If it's a decent program, they will probably be around a lot longer than three months, and you will have given them a reason to buy from you.

Unless you are a very large company, "Institutional Advertising" probably won't work for you. But you can still attainrepparttar 101219 necessary name awareness. A one time ad does little, if any, good. It is a proven fact that people need to see an ad 5 to 7 times before they act.

I know a person who has advertisedrepparttar 101220 same thing in an online Newsletter for years. She provides a bonus for people who sign under her sponsorship, and keeps her name in front of her target market. She averages one or two sales a week fromrepparttar 101221 ad, and her income far exceeds her expenses.

Newsletter advertising that reaches your target market, is a good choice if done on a consistent basis. Most popular Newsletters average several hundred new subscribers a month. Many not only publish them, but archive them on a web site as well. Here you get a double "whammy". Your message will be read onrepparttar 101222 web site by many people who don't getrepparttar 101223 Newsletter. Some parts ofrepparttar 101224 world limitrepparttar 101225 size of email, and they can't receiverepparttar 101226 Newsletter. But, if they can go to a web site to read it, you have greatly expanded your exposure.

Advertising onrepparttar 101227 web is different from traditional forms. If you provide a reason for people to buy from you, and you keep your ad visible,repparttar 101228 odds are you will be one ofrepparttar 101229 few making any money

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