Get Rid of Those Doorway Pages

Written by windsong

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* Use keywords in comment tags, alt tags, and in header tags. You can also use a clear 1x1 pixel image and load repparttar alt tag with keywords.

* The very first thing that appears on your page should be a statement of benefits rich in keywords, similar to your description meta tag. Some Search Engines ignore your meta tags and printrepparttar 128389 first words on your page asrepparttar 128390 description in their listing. If your navigational bar is atrepparttar 128391 top ofrepparttar 128392 page, that is what will show up in their description. Not good.

* Header tags, (H1 for example) are very important. Search Engines readrepparttar 128393 header tags. Use these for paragraph headings instead of font tags, and load uprepparttar 128394 Keywords.

* Forgetrepparttar 128395 bouncing flash and glitz. Yeah, they are fun to play with, butrepparttar 128396 Search Engines are not impressed. They may even be hampered by this as far as indexing your page. Frames, flash movies, CGI scripts, javascript, applets and image maps are all complete junk to a search engine spider. Not only that, this sort of thing will actually push your real content further fromrepparttar 128397 top of repparttar 128398 page, reducingrepparttar 128399 relevancy of whatrepparttar 128400 spiders actually do see.

* Keeprepparttar 128401 spiders happy. Feed them lots of relevant content. This bears repeating, but I won't. :)

* Get a Domain! A top 10 listing is virtually impossible to achieve without having your own registered domain name.

There is no secret magical formula for getting a top ranking inrepparttar 128402 Search Engines. Currently there are over 5,000 places to register a web site withrepparttar 128403 number increasing daily. In reality, about 10 of these search engines will produce 90% of your search engine traffic. The larger search engines like Excite, Lycos and Alta Vista are visited millions of time a week and offerrepparttar 128404 most comprehensive types of searches for Internet surfers.

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Don't Swap Links, Swap Content!

Written by Dan Thies

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Step 2. Publishing Each webmaster reformatsrepparttar "guest article" to fit their site's layout, and integrates it into their site - in order for this to work, it must be linked to from a page that's already in all ofrepparttar 128388 major search engines.

Step 3. Linking Each webmaster sets up a link on their website, pointing to their "guest article" onrepparttar 128389 other site. This should be a text link, and it should include your keywords. It must be on a page that's already inrepparttar 128390 search engines, but notrepparttar 128391 same page your article links to - search engines may not countrepparttar 128392 link if two pages point to each other.

What A Content Swap Achieves: Since each article has both internal and external links pointing to it, allrepparttar 128393 major search engines should eventually find them and include them in their databases.

The linksrepparttar 128394 search engines find will carry more weight becauserepparttar 128395 articles only have one link on them, and becauserepparttar 128396 article itself has external links pointing to it.

In addition,repparttar 128397 links on your article will be considered highly relevant to your keywords, because they're found on a page which has been optimized forrepparttar 128398 keywords you want.

Link Popularity Is More Than Counting Links! The total number of links to your site does not truly reflect how effectively your site is positioned. Even onrepparttar 128399 Google search engine, where results are largely based on links, I've seen sites with fewer than 100 external links outranking sites with over a thousand.

Content swaps allow you to make every link count, by creating a highly relevant link that directly contributes to your search engine rankings.

I wish you success... ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dan Thies has been helping his clients (and friends) promote their websites since 1996. His latest book, "Search Engine Fast Start," is available at

Dan Thies has been helping his clients (and friends) promote their websites since 1996. His latest book, "Search Engine Fast Start," is available at

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