Get Ready To Set Goals in January

Written by Wendy Hearn

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Remember to include achievements which relate to you as a person. Perhaps you’ve become more relaxed or more focused. The feeling of success which derives from reviewingrepparttar past year’s achievements can be a wonderful inspiration for what you can strive for duringrepparttar 102031 next year. Inrepparttar 102032 quest to achieve more, we often forget how far we’ve come. This continuous driving forward can leave us feeling that there’s something missing in our success. I challenge you to harness and use your strengths fully and be ready to set goals in January. What will it take for you to do this?

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Living Your Life Mission

Written by Rinatta Paries

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3. Use your life mission to discern correct choices in all circumstances. When choices come up about your career, lifestyle, relationships and conduct, measure them against your life mission rather than against what you want inrepparttar moment, or what you feel obligated to do. Always ask yourself, "Will this choice support what I am up to in my life?" Ifrepparttar 102030 answer is no, make another choice. Ifrepparttar 102031 answer is yes, go for it!

Living a life truly oriented around your life mission will give you a fulfilling life, one that you love. And, when you live such a life, you become very attractive to your ideal partner!

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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