Get Paid to Shop and Keep Everything You Buy - Without Having to Pay!

Written by Avril Harper

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People of all ages can apply to become mystery shoppers, even children with their parents' consent. Special opportunities exist for representatives of particular groups, such asrepparttar elderly, disabled, housebound, or of specific ethnic or religious persuasion. You can even be a mystery shopper working entirely by telephone or onrepparttar 117264 Internet, without ever leaving home and still claim a handsome fee and valuable freebie incentives.

Not All 'Shopping' Involves Buying Something

For example, you might be asked to telephone a company service hotline, posing as a customer with a problem to see how well your case is handled and how long it takes.

The manager of a high street supermarket might commission you to stand outside another firm's store to countrepparttar 117265 number of customers enteringrepparttar 117266 premises and determine which arerepparttar 117267 busiest times, what complimentary transport is offered, how many packages are carried out, whether staff help customers to their vehicles, and so on.

Most tasks are simple and quick and involve little more than shopping, making a mental note ofrepparttar 117268 event, and later submitting a written or telephone report torepparttar 117269 employing company.

Marguerite Hegley who was instrumental in writing Get Paid to Shop has several years experience as a mystery shopper.

She says:

"I first mystery shopped a supermarket. It was a lot of fun being asked to spend a specific sum of money on goods which I kept, and I also received expenses and a tidy fee for my work.

The pubs were fun too and I was asked to order a meal and a drink in some and just a drink in others. The eight pubs I had to visit over a ten day period were in a twelve mile radius of my home.

I particularly liked working with a chemist chain, checking their photo service and make-up counters. The girl onrepparttar 117270 make-up counter gave me some good advice about my skin type and a useful range of freebies testers which I am still using three months later. And I got paid of course!"

No Better Time to Become a Mystery Shopper ..... No Better Time to Start Your Own Mystery Shopping Business

The business is pretty new in most countries but catching on fast, and as talk of recession grows opportunities will grow for people to work as mystery shoppers for established hiring companies or even start their own business in this fascinating field.

Avril Harper isrepparttar 117271 author of Get Paid to Shop and The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Mystery Shopping Business

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How To Develop An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Work-At-Home Business

Written by Montegaza Cristian

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Once you've determined how effective your initial "placements" were, then and only then, add torepparttar "mix" with other types of advertising, and then and only then, also add additional advertising venues to your plan. Try many systems, some offline, some online for your work at home business, starting with free ads, and working up to "pay-per-click" submission services, once you've made a little money with your work at home venture.

It's been shown that it takesrepparttar 117263 average customer "five or six" viewings before they react to any type of advertising, so don't get discouraged easily. You will need to place ads rigorously for weeks at a time before any results can be determined. Again,repparttar 117264 routine of placing advertising and using advertising must remain in place throughout this time, andrepparttar 117265 consistency of your use of advertising must always be maintained for any type of efficacy to be achieved.

Make an initial written proposal to yourself of your advertising plan, and then "stick with it" no matter what, day in and day out. It isrepparttar 117266 only way that advertising can returnrepparttar 117267 money you've invested in it. Consistency, inrepparttar 117268 end, will "pay out" and determination, in your marketing efforts, will reaprepparttar 117269 huge rewards. Just "hang in there" with all your might, and your home business will indeed showrepparttar 117270 results by growing and flourishing.

Montegaza Cristian is the editor of Work At Home Business Dot - A website dedicated to assist you whatever you're looking for a work at home business or need some help getting your home business started.Visit him at

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