Get Paid to Build Your List!

Written by Jacinda Harrison

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(...If you're in a situation like I was when I started out, this is PURE GOLD.)

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Here for Your Success,

Jacinda Harrison

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There's no such thing as job security!

Written by Jer Strausser

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Another scenario, same doctor; A new community center is coming to town. They offer better service, have a larger staff, and can fit you in for your appointments a whole lot quicker. All of a sudden Jon loses half his clientele and has a hard time making a go of it.. His only option is to raiserepparttar prices of his services, to help payrepparttar 117064 bills. Before you know, Jon is out of business...

One more; A local company has been around for 40 years, and offers some ofrepparttar 117065 highest salaries inrepparttar 117066 area. It is an excellent niche market; electical connectors! With technology developingrepparttar 117067 way it is, it only makes sense that this means more work for these people! It does for awhile too, until one day, a very large competitor makes an offerrepparttar 117068 owners can't refuse, and buys them out. The employees greatest fears are realized, as this takeover had only one purpose....destroyrepparttar 117069 competition! In a few short months, they are all looking for other jobs asrepparttar 117070 new owners close up shop.

It's time to wake up! This IS reality people!

These are just a few examples of things that can happen to people that we, in every day life, think "have it made", or "have job security". The fact ofrepparttar 117071 matter is, sure, people are always going to need some of these services, but it doesn't neccesarily mean that they are going to need YOU!

Jer Strausser is the owner of the highly popular work at home community at Visit them for tips, news, and articles for your home business success.

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