Get Over 200,000 Potential Customers from Google, Yahoo and MSN

Written by Ulla Saastamoinen

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"We set up to test our new website in late June 2004. This was a one-page website. Average daily traffic jumped from 2,000 to 18,000 within 20 days." TargetedVisitor is composed of hundreds to thousands of keyword-oriented PHP webpages with unique contents. These pages are search engine spider friendly. The spider crawl and indexrepparttar pages, and finally show them inrepparttar 128088 search results. allows you to get highly targeted massive traffic and get more potential customers to your websites and boost your sales. TargetedVisitor will also help you to be a Super Affiliate. You can sendrepparttar 128089 visitors to anywhere you want. You can redirect them to your favorite affiliate programs to generate big commission checks. You will get a lifetime upgrade plus much more! For more information click here Now

Living in Helsinki, Finland. Working part time in home business.

Creating Search Engine Friendly Web Sites

Written by Lester Boey

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-- Benefits of search engine optimisation --

1) Generate online sales and revenue

2) Advertise products and services globally

3) Greater market capitalisation of products

4) Create and establish brand name

5) Tap potential internet markets

Lester Boey works in Definite Web Designs Australia, providing SEO consultancy to Australian and US businesses.


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