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Written by David Parton

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And because you wrote so well about your topic I will getrepparttar impression you are an expert. We both know that may not berepparttar 128250 case, but if people see you as an authority in some area they will seek you out for tips, advice and product recommendations. That means more traffic and ultimately more money in your pocket. There are dozens of article banks you can submit your writing to for free. Just do a search onrepparttar 128251 net. And submit, submit, submit! If you write it -repparttar 128252 traffic will come. -David Parton Copyright 2005 ___________________________________________

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Why You Need Outbound Links

Written by Paul Bliss

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Next, I visit one ofrepparttar 6 sites listed as a resource in Anywhere, USA. I findrepparttar 128249 local address, and it hasrepparttar 128250 same zip code asrepparttar 128251 pizza site I was just at. Now I know how these two sites are related to each other.

Taking into accountrepparttar 128252 fact that this local pizza shop has also linked torepparttar 128253 major pizza chains, asrepparttar 128254 spider, I am lead to believe that this shop has relevancy torepparttar 128255 zip code of Anywhere, USA.

So, asrepparttar 128256 spider returnsrepparttar 128257 information torepparttar 128258 database to be processed inrepparttar 128259 algorithm, it has pre-sorted some search results based onrepparttar 128260 links your site points to.

Another benefit of outbound linking is Geo Targeting, or Local search. There is a lot of speculation that local search isrepparttar 128261 next big trend in Search Marketing. While only time will tell, it won't hurt to have your physical address listed on your website for those who will be embracing local search.

As an experiment, I created a site with a very unique url (to avoidrepparttar 128262 possibility of people finding it by accident), and I made it only 1 page long. The only thingrepparttar 128263 page consisted of were 80+ outbound links to relevant sites inrepparttar 128264 SEO industry, tools, forums and some tutorials. Whenrepparttar 128265 PageRank was first updated forrepparttar 128266 site, it came out ofrepparttar 128267 box with a PR of 3. It has since fallen to a PR of 2 (now that Iíve pointed a few sites to it!).

The whole point of this experiment was to see how outbound links affect your own rankings of your site. I was able to generate a PR of 2 based entirely on linking to authority sites inrepparttar 128268 SEO industry. So, takerepparttar 128269 time to link to some relevant sites,repparttar 128270 big names (if any), and enjoyrepparttar 128271 power ofrepparttar 128272 easy, outbound link.

-To your online success!

Paul Bliss

Paul Bliss is a leading authority in the emerging field of search engine optimization. Paul has more than four years experience in the field and has produced some truly amazing results. Email Paul at or visit his site at:

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