Get More Out Of Life While Managing Your Diabetes

Written by Brandon C. Hall

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No liquor. Liquor causes severe instability in blood sugar levels, and will cause serious problems. I stick only to beer and wine with a maximum of three drinks. If you monitor your sugar regularly and eat beforehand, you should be able to enjoy a nice night out.

3. Eating

Ofrepparttar areas available for improvement in my lifestyle, eating wasrepparttar 150472 easiest for me to adapt and overcome. When I learned that protein had a minor effect on my sugar that was good news, any hamburger and steak-loving American would be happy to hear that, butrepparttar 150473 bad news was that French fries, baked potatoes, and (my favorite) sweet potatoes were off limits. That meant I had to learn to love vegetables.

From that point forward, I began cooking veggies with light butter and cayenne pepper. I know that sounds odd, but I like spicy food. As far as your diet is concerned, forrepparttar 150474 sake of your happiness, find your favorite spices and seasonings and begin experimenting with healthy foods.

4. Exercise

When it comes to exercising many people (including myself) do not follow through for long enough to see substantial results. Personally, I believe in living an active lifestyle instead of becoming a fitness and free-weight junkie. What worked for me? Basic exercises (lunges, squats, and crunches) in front ofrepparttar 150475 television every morning followed by a 15 minute walk.

Complying withrepparttar 150476 guidelines I listed above, I'm still able to have a fun, active lifestyle while controlling my diabetes.

Brandon C. Hall is an online business owner and Type 1 Diabetic who runs many websites. For the latest articles and news related to diabetes and the diabetic lifestyle visit:

Natural Insulin for Diabetes

Written by Ratliff J

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Glucosium is an all natural insulin support diabetic formula with ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce symptoms typically caused by diabetes. Increaserepparttar effectiveness of insulin, help control your appetite and even, in some cases, reverse damage. And, taken as directed, Glucosium produces no side effects! Compare that to prescription medications that have been known to cause diarrhea, liver damage, impotence and hypoglycemia.

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J. Ratliff is a health article writer.

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