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Written by Jennifer Tripp

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7. Offer multiple products. Offering products at different price points and to different segments of your target market increases your chances of making a sale. If you only have one product of your own to sell, look into affiliate programs as another income stream.

8. Upsell atrepparttar time of checkout. Once a customer has maderepparttar 117344 decision to buy from you, you’ve already donerepparttar 117345 hardest part. Before they leave you should encourage them to increaserepparttar 117346 size of their order, this is known as “upselling”. To do this effectively, recommend products that complement what they’ve already decided to purchase.

9. Follow up on every inquiry you get. Excellent customer service is something that is unfortunately lacking onrepparttar 117347 Internet. Do yourself a favor and make it a priority to respond to all inquiries byrepparttar 117348 end ofrepparttar 117349 day. If you’re getting too many to make this possible consider ways you can take off some ofrepparttar 117350 strain. Are there questions that alot of customers have? If so, include them on your FAQ page. Are there processes you can automate so you don't have to be contacted such as unsubscribing from your newsletter? If all else fails consider hiring someone to help you answer your inquiries.

10. Makerepparttar 117351 order process as easy as possible. Abandoned shopping carts is a problem that continues to plague online businesses. The reasons for this include: a cumbersome order process that involves too many steps, asking for too much information (you really don’t need to know they’re shoe size) and additional fees being added on that weren’t mentioned upfront. On many websites they never even mentionrepparttar 117352 product price or shipping costs until you’re half way throughrepparttar 117353 order process. By that point customers are feeling too frustrated to purchase anything. Be upfront about exactly what customers can expect duringrepparttar 117354 order process and strive to make it as quick and easy as possible.

11. Test, test, test! Findingrepparttar 117355 right mix of product, price and sales tactic is very difficult – if it was easyrepparttar 117356 average conversion rate would be a lot higher than 2%! Your best chance for getting a mix that works is testing different scenarios. If you don’t already know what split run testing is you need to learn about it. In a nutshell it allows you to show different pages to different visitors forrepparttar 117357 purposes of determining which one performs best. Using split run testing you can try different site layouts, sales letters, prices, special offers, and many more scenarios to find what getsrepparttar 117358 most sales.

Now get out there and make some money!

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Maximize Your Tax Deductions Using The IRS's "Two Business Location Rule"

Written by Collin Almeida

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Of course there'srepparttar second part:repparttar 117343 record keeping. In order to audit-proof these deductions, you will need to keep a vehicle-use log. The log can be a simple notebook with columns for destination, trip's purpose, and odometer reading. You must completerepparttar 117344 log for every car trip you make, not justrepparttar 117345 business-related ones. It may seem like a lot of effort, but each entry would take less than a minute to record and after a week filling inrepparttar 117346 columns would become as much a habit as fastening your seatbelt.

You're probably wondering ifrepparttar 117347 deduction is actually worthrepparttar 117348 inconvenience of rearranging your schedule and keeping a log of all your car trips. Decide for yourself. If your round-trip daily commute is only 10 miles, you can earn a deduction of $3.45 every working day, almost $20 a week, over $1000 for an entire year and that amount does not include mileage for business-related errands. Basically not takingrepparttar 117349 time and effort to claim this deduction is like throwing $10 out of your car window every 30 miles!

Besides writing off your car's accumulated mileage at tax time, you can also claim other automobile-related expenses. For example, you can claim gasoline, insurance, parking fees, and tollbooth expenses as additional deductions. Just keep all receipts and documentation in order to protect yourself in case of an audit.


Discover little known but highly lucrative tax advantages you can legally claim as a home based business owner by visiting Getrepparttar 117350 FREE REPORT: "5 Hidden Tax Dangers..." that shows you how to save $1000's in taxes and avoid costly audits.

Discover little known but highly lucrative tax advantages you can legally claim as a home based business owner by visiting Get the FREE REPORT: "5 Hidden Tax Dangers..." that shows you how to save $1000's in taxes and avoid costly audits.

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