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Written by Andrew Hall

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Now, I hear you shout, how would that work?

Ambient Devices have released a wonderful new gadget which allows you to monitor information wirelessly from wherever you are. The Ambient Orb is a simple wireless object that unobtrusively presents information. Just like a clock on your wall, it allows information to be easy to access yet non-obtrusive. They communicate via subtle changes in color. So if your team won last night, it could show green and a brighter greenrepparttar more they won by (or red if they lost!). Or could show green if its sunny or red for rain - It could even pulse to warn for snow or storms!

The Orb rteceives information Via a nationwide wireless network calledrepparttar 105116 Ambient Information Network. It works in a similar way to cell phones and receivers. As it's wireless you maybe worried about radiation. Well, technically just about everything that is powered in your house gives off radiation. Becauserepparttar 105117 device only receives information, it gives off far less radiation than a cell phone or even a television.

The orb plugs simply into a power outlet, no computer is required, it doesnt need any configuration. Just plug it in and wait forrepparttar 105118 information to start flooding in.

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Setting Parameters at Work to Enable Achievement of Your Goals

Written by Susan Edwards

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In no time, Kelly could see that in meeting this commitment to her family and keeping this workday defined instead of open-ended, she became more efficient. Her employer benefited, not just her family. Her confidence strengthened as she began to redefine herself as someone who makes and keeps commitments both to herself and others, instead of as someone who is stretches herself to meet everyone else’s requests and can end up letting others down.

In our heads, we know that work always expands to fillrepparttar time allotted. Yet, as a society, we are uncomfortable setting limits. My clients have taught me that it is often not until we set limits that we can become truly LIMITLESS inrepparttar 105115 impact that we can have.

When their jobs can accommodate, many people I know have achieved great productivity by blocking off certain times as “no meeting hours”, or “email time” or “focused time for strategic projects”. Some block off a few hours every week to work at home or in another environment where there are no distractions or interruptions. Others schedule in their fitness sessions and personal commitments as if they were work appointments, to ensure that they respect these commitments. They are setting parameters.

Setting clear parameters at work may be uncomfortable at first, but I encourage you to persevere. I am confident that parameters will not restrict you; they will enable you to live consistently with your values and will free up your energy to produce your best work, while living your best life.

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Susan Edwards, President, Development by Design, a Business & Leadership Coaching and Human Resources Consulting firm. Her Coaching clients are high potential leaders and profitable business owners who are redefining the terms of their success and taking their impact to a new level. She consults to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial organizations who are committed to creating extraordinary impact with customers, employees & shareholders.

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