Get Information First Before Sending Them to the Affiliate

Written by Catherine Franz

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Here are a few ideas on items you can offer onrepparttar bridge page to collect their information:

* To subscribe to your ezine. If you have more than one, list these all. * To register for an ecourse. * To receive an ebook. * Offer your opinion or testimonials on usingrepparttar 102415 affiliateís product/program.

Now, one ofrepparttar 102416 main things most people do not think about is offering them something to purchase. And this is something affiliate offerers lookout for when you sign up to be an affiliate (at leastrepparttar 102417 good ones do). They donít want their competition becoming an affiliate and then snatchingrepparttar 102418 customer onrepparttar 102419 way to their site. I am chuckling on this one -- I think it is great actually. Most affiliates donít even know this is happening to them.

Here is a duzie of a hint that Iíve only seen one affiliate program do. This will give you a head start and itís kind of sneaky too.

You can offer something at a price onrepparttar 102420 bridge page that has to do with that topic (you have a focused buyer here). Example: The affiliate item is a software product. You can write an ebook onrepparttar 102421 same topic. Yes, will this piss off some affiliates. You bet, but guess what -- thatís business. And also guess what -- itís going to take them a while to figure it out what you are doing too. They are so busy trying to obtain more affiliates they donít haverepparttar 102422 time to research each one.

Offering something for a price isnít as effective as something for f/r/e/e. Then again, you have to decide what is your call to action forrepparttar 102423 bridge page. Is it to collect name and increase your mailing list or to make residual income. Donít get greedy and offer both. It will bite you inrepparttar 102424 "assets". Too many choices and it confusesrepparttar 102425 visitor and so they donít make any decision at all and leave without choosing anything -- no freebie, no affiliate link.

When you set up your doorway page, set uprepparttar 102426 metatags and searchable keywords that you wouldnít otherwise be able to place on your site. Make sure that these same words are inrepparttar 102427 content.

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How To Choose Your Upline

Written by Uche Onyema

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The great thing about free to join affiliate programs is that you

can really giverepparttar sponsor a test drive before you decide to join

his or her downline. Most affiliate webpages have contact details

forrepparttar 102414 webpage owner, who would be your sponsor after you

joinrepparttar 102415 program. So after you decide you want to join a

particular program, especially if it is not free to join, I suggest

you test your potential sponsor to ensure you will get a good

service if you join their downline. Ask them allrepparttar 102416 questions

you have and seek allrepparttar 102417 help you need and if you receive good

and valuable service then you can go ahead and signup.

If you are unhappy withrepparttar 102418 answers or help given, or you

don't receive a reply then try another affiliate's page. The best

way to do this is by enteringrepparttar 102419 main URL ofrepparttar 102420 company and

in most cases you'll be randomly sent torepparttar 102421 website of an affiliate.

Askrepparttar 102422 same questions and also note how quicklyrepparttar 102423 sponsor

responds each time because you don't want to signup under

someone who takes one or two weeks to respond to your emails.

Keep trying different affiliate pages until you find a potential

sponsor you know will give yourepparttar 102424 support you need.

If it is a free program with an upgrade option I suggest you

signup for free initially and continuing testing your sponsor to

ensure you have indeed chosenrepparttar 102425 right one. Some sponsors

will respond to emails in an attempt to encourage their downline

to upgrade and after they upgraderepparttar 102426 help dissipates, but only

the genuinely helpful sponsors will be able to pass rigorous

tests that involve offering lots of help and answering lots of


Your initial email may receive a good or average response but

after thatrepparttar 102427 sponsor may become impatient and not bother

replying or may send an inadequate reply. That would

obviously be your cue to find another sponsor because you need

a sponsor who will be willing and patient enough to properly

answer your questions and genuinely help you. That is what

Multi-level marketing is about, achieving success by helping

those below you to succeed.


1) Before joining affiliate programs send an email torepparttar 102428 owner of

the webpage orrepparttar 102429 ad you saw. Ask allrepparttar 102430 questions you have

and seek to establish what help you'd receive after joining. Make

a note ofrepparttar 102431 quality ofrepparttar 102432 responses andrepparttar 102433 times it takes to

receive a response.

2) If unhappy withrepparttar 102434 potential sponsor go torepparttar 102435 company's

main URL and you will be randomly assigned to another

sponsor's webpage. Askrepparttar 102436 same questions and decide if

you want to signup under this person. Keep repeating this step

until you find a sponsor you are happy with.

3) Signup. Ifrepparttar 102437 program has a free option choose that option

first and continue seeking help from your sponsor. If you are

happy withrepparttar 102438 service you receive from your sponsor then

upgrade otherwise askrepparttar 102439 company to reassign you to another


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