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Written by Pat @Maxaid

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I've published search engine tips before. But I think that I was underestimated in my statements, because ofrepparttar simplisticmethods that I said were used to achieve these rankings.

If you go to and run a search for this phrase, "top sponsor ezine ads" or "ezine sponsor ads" You will find that we, at maxaid are ranked #1 out of - 20,797,048 pages of results.(atrepparttar 128386 time of this writing)

How did we do it ? First, I synchronizerepparttar 128387 Title, Description, and Key Words as perrepparttar 128388 method in this article,

Nowrepparttar 128389 Clincher. Do I submit torepparttar 128390 search engines by hand, one by one, No I don't. You are seated, aren't You ? :-) I use repparttar 128391 online submission services of "123 AddMe .com" I have used them for more than two years with outstanding results. Try'em sometime at:

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Pat @Maxaid - Webmaster - Publisher

Free Customized Web Pages, Ezine Ads, Free Computer Tips, Marketing Tips, and Traffic Building Software. Find all this and much more at

Pat @Maxaid - Webmaster - Publisher Free Customized Web Pages, Ezine Ads, Free Computer Tips, Marketing Tips, and Traffic Building Software. Find all this and much more at


Written by Charles Lewis

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The keywords are listed in descending order, according torepparttar number of requests per month - and not according torepparttar 128385 amount of competition. Therefore, your goal here is to first chooserepparttar 128386 least popular keywords, and then select those withrepparttar 128387 greatest amount of competition.

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: The less competition you have,repparttar 128388 greater your chance of achieving a top ten position. There is a good chance that 99.9% ofrepparttar 128389 people you are competing with don't even know what META tags are, so if there is very little competition, then success is at hand.

An explanation of META tags and other search engine basics can be found at .cgi?searchengines

## STEP THREE - KEI Analysis? Go As Low As You Can Go!

Once you have placed a good amount of keywords in your basket, go ontorepparttar 128390 final step: KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) Analysis. For now, all you need to know is that a keyword's KEI is based on a simple competition versus popularity ratio.

* For a detailed explanation of this, go to

When choosing poor keywords, you should always shoot for a KEI of 0-30. Anything above that might give you a shot at a decent search engine ranking, and since your main goal here is to chooserepparttar 128391 worst keywords possible, you'll definitely want to stay within these boundaries.

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Don't settle for a KEI of less than 100. Typically, I will not even attempt optimizing a keyword that has a KEI of less than 200, simply because I know it will save a lot of time ifrepparttar 128392 best keyword is chosen right offrepparttar 128393 bat.

I've maderepparttar 128394 mistake of choosingrepparttar 128395 wrong keywords to focus on more than once. The result was an enormous amount of wasted time and energy, and was overall an extremely frustrating experience.

Until I discovered there was a service that could actually countrepparttar 128396 number of requests and competition for each keyword, I was playing Pin The Tail On The SEO Donkey. Don't makerepparttar 128397 same mistake that I, and thousands of others have made overrepparttar 128398 years.

Dorepparttar 128399 research before optimizing your page forrepparttar 128400 search engines, and you will reap great rewards.

Charles Lewis is editor of "The Creative Marketer", a weekly newsletter dedicated to delivering proven online marketing techniques. To sign up and receive a free copy of his $39 Internet marketing strategy guide, click on the following URL:

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