Get Heard - Write About Lemons

Written by Liz Wertman

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After deciding on which of your vast experiences you would like to write about, put downrepparttar highlights in point form. Then expandrepparttar 129814 point form to paragraphs and you have your e-book!

Try and make a self-explanatory title. That will list better in your ads andrepparttar 129815 search engines.

Put it into your word processor program then covert it to PDF format. You are now ready to sell your e-book.

Userepparttar 129816 search engines to find allrepparttar 129817 places that will host your e-book for you or create your own site and sell it yourself as I have done. If you list your e-book, make sure you have full rights so you can place it in as many sites as possible. Then marketrepparttar 129818 book by submitting it to allrepparttar 129819 search engines, classified ads that you can.

You will feel terrific about your accomplishment, people will learn from your experiences and you will make money too!

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

Liz Wertman, "Divorce Strategy for Men and Women" Your guide through the divorce maze.

The Truth about Online Content: It's Time for Writers to Take Back the Web

Written by Melissa Brewer

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Where does this assumption come from? Perhaps it is because repparttar "techies" created and coinedrepparttar 129813 word "content" when describing repparttar 129814 text on a website. Rather than a pretty word such as "prose" or a practical word like "writing",the buzz about online content created a bizarre rebellion against creativity and gave writers a strange aversion to web-based work; how could a writer be needed for something as dull as "content"? Isn't this something that web designers handle?

The context of writing, when applied to online media, is perceived somewhat differently. New web style guidelines, which helped people read online without getting a headache, for a time becamerepparttar 129815 sole criteria for judging whether website content was up to standards. Jakob Neilson, a famous industry analyst-turned-usability guru, pigeonholed web writing and content alongside web design. Instead of hailing "content" as a wonderful way to communicate with website visitors,repparttar 129816 term "concise, objective, and scannable" was born, and web design and content became a means torepparttar 129817 ultimate goal; "usability." (Who can be creative when they're using words like "usability" and "user interface", anyway?) Webmasters created repparttar 129818 web, coined new terms, and used new, techie language to describe old products.

The Results How many corporate websites out there actually make you want to work for them? How many ecommerce websites sound excited and knowledgeable about their product lines? How many email newsletters do you actually find worth reading in a given week? Most likely, unless you're just not very picky, you'll have trouble naming more than one or two sources. Which means, that out of allrepparttar 129819 websites and newsletters out there, there are only a handful that are getting what they want; repeat, loyal visitors. This is where content creation as a writing career becomes a reachable goal.

The Solution

If corporate websites want web content that inspires, creates an emotional response, or at least sparks a memory (tech term: "branding"), it's time for them to go torepparttar 129820 people who will give articles and copy a chance in hell for success. That's us, folks! While web writing does combine a unique set of skills, with a little talent andrepparttar 129821 right training, a writer can easily transition from print to web and fill this important writing niche.

It's time to claim our writing markets online and offer our skills to repparttar 129822 companies that need us most. Most of them are waiting for a reliable source of content to come along.

We'rerepparttar 129823 freelance writers. We're picky aboutrepparttar 129824 words we use,repparttar 129825 sources we quote, and voice and tone ofrepparttar 129826 content we create. We get to know an audience, not "users" or "eyeballs". And we pride ourselves not only on aesthetically pleasing text, but creating prose and copy that works. Not in a mechanical sense, but a human sense.

Freelance web writers are not simply ridingrepparttar 129827 web industry buzz, but we're busy carefully crafting words that say precisely what a web company needs to say.

That's right; there are creative folks who make a living writing for repparttar 129828 web! In fact, we were writing forrepparttar 129829 web before it came along. We've been writing "concise, (slightly) objective, and scannable" documents sincerepparttar 129830 middle ages.

Back then, we called it poetry. :-)

So, are you ready to write forrepparttar 129831 web?

Melissa Brewer is a full-time freelance writer and web content consultant. Visit: or send an email to:

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