Get Familiar With MSDOS.SYS

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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BootMenu - If you wantrepparttar Startup Menu to appear each time that you start Windows, set BootMenu=1.

BootMenuDefault - Specifiesrepparttar 107838 Startup Menu command that is highlighted and selected by default whenrepparttar 107839 Startup Menu appears. Set this to one ofrepparttar 107840 menu numbers shown below.

1=Normal 2=Logged 3=Safe Mode 4=Step-by-step 5=Command prompt only 6=Safe Mode command prompt only

BootMenuDelay - Setsrepparttar 107841 delay in seconds thatrepparttar 107842 Startup Menu is displayed beforerepparttar 107843 default option is automatically executed.

BootMulti - If you had DOS on your computer when Windows was installed, BootMulti=1 putsrepparttar 107844 option to boot from this previous version of DOS inrepparttar 107845 Startup Menu. (Windows Me does not support booting in DOS mode.)

BootSafe - Forrepparttar 107846 thousands of Windows users whose system stopped working properly years ago, set BootSafe=1 to start in Safe Mode automatically.

BootWarn - Again, forrepparttar 107847 thousands of Windows users whose system stopped working properly years ago. Set BootWarn=0 to start normally even ifrepparttar 107848 previous boot failed. But because you haven't fixed what's preventing Windows from starting properly inrepparttar 107849 first place, this may cause your system to freeze up withrepparttar 107850 "blue screen of death".

BootWin - If you had DOS on your computer when Windows was installed, setting BootWin=0 causes your system to boot to previous version of DOS rather than Windows. (Not Windows Me).

Logo - Setting Logo=0 will preventrepparttar 107851 Windows logo from being displayed during startup. This is useful if you want to see system messages rather than Microsoft's logo during startup.

There are several other msdos.sys [Option] settings that are of limited usefulness. Also, don't be surprised if any of these options don't workrepparttar 107852 way Microsoft claims they do inrepparttar 107853 Windows Resource Kit. But you can try using these settings to changerepparttar 107854 way Window starts for purposes of debugging or to make it start faster. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107855 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to ----------------------------------------------------------


Importance of Backups

Written by Grant McNamara

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So if you are running a business based around a computer a regular backup of your data files is an absolute must. In my experience as a computer consultant many timesrepparttar data has been lost because of a burglary. If your house or office is burgled invariably theives take computers. They are easily carried and readily sold.

And this raisesrepparttar 107837 question of what should you backup? Well that's a hard question to answer because everyone's computer is different so I'll explain what I backup on my computer. My computer runsrepparttar 107838 Microsoft Windows operating system and has a single 'C:' disk drive.

I have all of my data stored in directories as follows: C:WebSItes (the source of all my web sites, including text, graphics and scripts). C:Work which is where I keep all correspondence and general junk C:Courses where allrepparttar 107839 text to my courses is held C:My Download Files where all original files of software that I download are stored.

The other directory I copy is C:Documents and Settings which is where email files are stored. Without my email I'd be out of business!

My backup system is simple, a CD writer, some blank CDs and Nero Burning software (came free withrepparttar 107840 CD writer).

And once I've taken my backup I takerepparttar 107841 CDs to a friend's house for safe keeping. I do this every week.

Grant McNamara has over 20 years experience in IT, specializing in multi-lingual web site and software development. Visit him at either or www://

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