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Written by Holly Janion

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Here'srepparttar exciting bit. This, my very first article, my very first attempt at writing was published on 7th April in WebProNews with a circulation of 500,000. These 500,000 readers saw my article including my resource box with my name and my web site address and it didn't cost me anything! I was even contacted by another editor who read this article, asking me for permission to featurerepparttar 125158 same article in his e-zine. Wow! Together with allrepparttar 125159 e-mails I received congratulating me onrepparttar 125160 article, I was on a total high! It wasrepparttar 125161 most exciting day of my Internet career to date and since then different articles I have written have been published by various quality e-zines.

Yet I am no different from you. I have web sites I need to promote and now know this isrepparttar 125162 only effective way to do so. The return is just so great. My only regret is that I didn't stumble across Rick's site earlier. As I said, I am not a writer and didn't give in torepparttar 125163 little voice inside that tried to stop me doing this. If I had, I would have missed out on so much - it is only by trying different things that we know how successful we really can be.

So start thinking. What do you enjoy? What do you know about? What can you share with others? Relate your personal experiences. For example, as I write this article I know many of you have most probably heard of this marketing technique before, and I know most of you have certainly listened torepparttar 125164 little voice inside of you telling you that you can't do it, but I am hoping that by reading about my personal experience, as a non-writer, you too will be able to benefit from this most exciting, successful and free method of Internet marketing as I have.

As I said, you have nothing to lose so start thinking, writing and submitting now. Be prepared for rejection. Not everyone I submittedrepparttar 125165 "Testimonial" article to accepted it. Some editors totally ignored it but I persevered until I struck gold and believe me, you can strike gold too! And if you're reading this, I've struck gold again!

Holly Janion is the webmaster for Wade's World Ltd, an Internet solutions company at Her latest creations can be seen at and Holly can be contacted at mailto:

Breakout of the Classified Ocean - With Alternative Promotion Methods

Written by Joe Bingham

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them. Spreading your link around on other sites will help to promote what you have to offer. The problem here is that you can only put so many links on your site without cluttering it up, and that you have to have something to offer others in order to get them to exchange with you. Therefore, this can be a hard thing to start out with. Also, if you are promoting an affiliate site, you can't add anything to it anyway. The good thing about this is that it will expose your link to a different market. GUARANTEED HITS There are programs for purchasing Guaranteed Hits to your site. This will bring you visitors with no worries and literally no work. The distinct advantage over other methods of promoting is thatrepparttar visitor will be at your site. You don't have to coax them to visit as with other advertising, they will be taken to your site. Also, this can work for promoting affiliate sites whereas many ofrepparttar 125157 other methods are only useful for those with their own web site. It is an expense, and whilerepparttar 125158 visitors are generally online business owners and buyers, they may not be specifically targeted to your particular interest. However, if you believe your site or program is good and are only lacking in getting visitors this may berepparttar 125159 best solution. Guaranteed Hits usually come in groups of 1000s. 5-10 thousand often being a minimum purchase. So, even with a terribly low sales percentage you can still see how guaranteed hits can be very effective. Just comparerepparttar 125160 price ofrepparttar 125161 guaranteed hits to how many sales you would have to get to make it all worth it. If even a low 1-3% sales ratio makes you a profit, then this may berepparttar 125162 answer for you. The other advantage here is that you don't have to do promotional work to get these visitors. Therefore, you will be left with more time to work onrepparttar 125163 other aspects of your business. TARGETED BANNER IMPRESSIONS Targeted Banner Impressions have similar advantages and disadvantages to guaranteed hits. These are banners that are placed on other's sites with content similar to your own. In fact, they may even end up on a direct competitor's site. People are not guaranteed to visit your site, butrepparttar 125164 banners are presented to an audience of people that are targeted to your specific business whereas guaranteed hits are more general. This also has a cost, but again compare it torepparttar 125165 cost of classified ads and see if a low 1-3% sales ratio will still make you a profit above that ofrepparttar 125166 cost ofrepparttar 125167 Banner Impressions. Once again, this method of promotion leaves you more time to work onrepparttar 125168 other aspects of your business. Each of these methods can be useful, it just depends on your abilities and interests. Some of these require work, others require no work, but incur an expense. Consider each of them and how they might fit into your plans. It's certainly possible to integrate multiple ways of promotion, and in fact it makes sense to do so. Still, considering these other methods may just get you out of having to write anymore classified ads, or having to compete in repparttar 125169 Classified Ocean.

To Totally REMOVE the Work of Promotion at a LOW Cost check out the QUALITY Advertising available from Charles Schurman. GUARANTEED VISITORS available at Or TARGETED BANNER IMPRESSIONS available at Written byJ oe Bingham, editor of the NetPlay Newsletters.

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